Boone to Aggy

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by biganakhanhda, Aug 17, 2011.

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    Stay put and put up with Texas being Texas

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    Boone to Aggy

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    Why would the next 3 weeks be any different than the last 130 years?
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    I stopped reading when he said he went to baylor. They all put their collective lips on aggy butt last year. aggy saved nothing. Money did. Now UT has alot more money, and aggy doesnt like it. Just go and take baylor with you.
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    I don't even understand what boone is trying to say?

    Also love he still uses pac 10.
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    From the link Rio provided: "The Baylors (my alma mater) and Iowa States have no other choice but to swear allegiance to Dodds, but the Aggies had another option. Who's to say the SEC would hold the door open for the Ags in the future if they decided to remain in what appears to be the shakiest of conferences?
  10. Texas Taps

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    Matt Mosley (the writer) is a graduate of Baylor University.
  11. agssuk

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    Thats what I meant. Sorry if I confused.
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    He is talking about Case Western and how tough they are now to crack. They are the new Wofford. Freaking W-sips.
  14. ProdigalHorn

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    I'm not sure... but I THINK what Pickens is trying to say is that all the top programs are in the West, and that he feels that the Eastern division would be the "weak sister". Which to me is really an odd thing to say, since it makes it sound like he thinks OSU can't compete with the West until it beats the West.

    Hmmm... yeah, it's gibberish.
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    Then why didn't he just use the analogy of the old Big XII north and south divisions? The south routinely owned the north, so it was said that all of the GOOD teams (UT, blow-u, okie lite) were in the south.

    The guy needs to step away from his moonshine bottle before giving an interview.
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    In the beginning, the Big-12 North was supposed to be the better division. Really didnt work out that way. UT and OU were not that goog but Nebraska and Colorado were. Things change.
  17. PropositionJoe

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    Kstate was also a power-ish program at the start of the big 12
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    All the money in the world can't stave off the onset of dementia.
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    Yeah they were Joe. Forgot about them.
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    Boone's thrown a **** load of money down a rat hole...

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