Booster Pays Recruit’s Father With Stolen Funds

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by BevoJoe, Jun 23, 2019.

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    Amateurs - all they have done is drive the price up and force unnecessary scrutiny on those "professionals" that know how to do it right
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    True in every field.
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    No one in the state of Louisiana gives two coons if they are cheating as long as they keep winning. This goes for the governor on down. That whole state is a rat infested sewer.
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    Don’t forget the Nutria!
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    Nutchers are rats. As kids there was a bounty on them in Southeast Texas. We could take the boat up the service canals off the Neches River with a couple of pistols and kill enough to go to The Big Oaks and see Jerry Lacroix and the Boogie Kings. First place I saw ZZ Top.

    They didn't care how old you were as long as you had a piece of a draft card and money for cover charge and a drink.
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