Boyer' open letter to Kaepernick

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by NJlonghorn, Oct 15, 2017.

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    .... wait .. something just occurred to me rereading your 3-way omlette :p

    blacks must trust police.

    There's another scenario by which a given demographic is "needed" to trust the police ...

    Should we have immunity hour in order to facilitate this trust? That no one is going to be arrested, detained, fired-upon ... or even see a police officer for any crime during the hour of X

    See, this is what we're supposed to believe of the sanctuary city. Perhaps we need sanctuary day or week??? You know ... to build trust.
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    We're talking past each other. The original point wasn't about 50 years of Medicare and 80 years of Social Security spending versus 4 years of WWII spending. But we don't disagree on the long term impact of those programs.
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    I'd add one more point. These minority officers need to live in the communities they police. That is what really worked in LA and was the root of Ferguson's problems.
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    In 2017 violent crime was up 15.8% over 2016 in L.A. Maybe they should actually live in the criminals' homes to keep a closer eye on them.
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    Actually that's precisely what I was saying. Sorry I didn't make that part of it clear. Acknowledging the greater duration, but the money spent is still the money spent ... or more accurately ... BORROWED (stolen) from future generations ... and not at all in accordance with the rightful purpose of the Fed as directed by the Constitution.
    Perhaps and I won't argue against the value in the "citizen on patrol" "one of us" ... but in no case should anyone UNQUALIFIED be allowed to become a sworn LEO. That has happened in too many examples and in all vocations/professions/occupations ... hello affirmative action.
    oops. well ... what about that indigenous source?

    every man is responsible for his own behavior and because man makes/enforces/adjudicates the law ... it will not be perfect and there will be righteous grievance.

    Seeking to put an imperfect array of institutions as a prerequisite for expecting any given person to ... BEHAVE PROPERLY ... is weak at its worst. We all have the knowledge of right and wrong ... and unfortunately we all have the tendency to seek self over anyone/anything else. But we know this is wrong.

    So, the fringe exception notwithstanding ... when the members of this community begin behaving properly in sufficient numbers, then the profile changes for the LEOs ... and there won't be an appreciable occurrence "stopped for driving while black" perceptions/realities ...
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    Very eloquent.

    I think the idea of black police officers in the community is for one primary purpose; to neuter the racial grievance. It will not end all grievances.
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