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    The updated bracketology came out and these Texas teams are projected into the NCAA tourney:

    Texas Tech
    Stephen F Austin
    Texas Southern
    North Texas

    Rightfully so, Texas isn't even listed as first four out nor next four out. This is what Shaka has done to our program. Texas is no longer relevant to anyone anywhere. Shaka doesn't even offer all of the top recruits in Texas.

    For 2020 according to ESPN we have only four offers out there with the other 9 offers signing with other school. ZERO commitments for this class and only four offers with one of those four to an unrated guard out of Minnesota. We are going up against Kansas, UNC or Duke plus a host of other schools for all four of those offers. I'm guessing we might get lucky and sign one of those. Then who will we get? Why hasn't CDC fired him already?
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    I'm saying the Horns do not make the NCAA.

    I see this team going 15-16 or 16-15. Maybe 17 wins at best. Not good enough to get into March Madness.
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  3. txlandagent

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  4. zuckercanyon

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    Yeah but we could go to the NIT again, and then, you know, we could WIN....IT....ALLLLLLL!
  5. Htown77

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    Power Conference Wins:
    @ TCU 13-8 (4th in Big XII)
    @Purdue 12-10 (8th in Big Ten)
    Texas A&M 10-10 (7th in SEC)
    California 10-11 (6th in Pac-12)
    Iowa State 9-12 (8th in Big XII)
    Kansas State 9-12 (8th in Big XII)
    @ Oklahoma State 10-11 (10th in Big XII)

    Minor Conference Wins:
    California Baptist 16-6 (2nd in WAC)
    Northern Colorado 14-7 (3rd in Big Sky)
    UAB 14-9 (7th in CUSA)
    Central Michigan 12-8 (2nd in MAC)
    McNeese State 12-10 (5th in Southland)
    Praire View A&M 10-11 (2nd in SWAC)
    High Point 6-16 (8th in Big South)

    Power Conference Losses:
    @ Baylor 19-1 (1st in Big XII)
    Kansas 18-3 (2nd in Big XII)
    @West Virginia 17-4 (3rd in Big XII)
    LSU 17-4 (1st in SEC)
    Oklahoma 14-7 (5th in Big XII)
    @Providence 12-10 (5th in Big East)
    Georgetown 12-9 (8th in Big East)

    (I consider the Big East a power conference in basketball)

    Minor Conference Losses:

    We only have two bad losses (Providence and Georgetown). The problem I see is @ TCU is our only quality win all year and it is a "weak" quality win. If one of the minor teams we beat wins its conference or tournament, we could pick up another "weak" quality win.

    To make the tournament, this team is going to need to beat someone worthwhile or at least pick up a better win than TCU. However, it is really good we beat TCU at all because otherwise, we would not have ANY quality wins, even weak ones. This team definitely has benefitted from "record inflation" due to the weak schedule.
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  6. caryhorn

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    Agree^^^. A win over TTU would be very good. I would be surprised if it happens. It would take 50% 3 point shooting. Could happen... But I'm not betting on it.
  7. Sangre Naranjada

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    Hey, we could beat Kansas tonight.

    Not that I'd bet any money on it, but bigger miracles have happened. Somewhere. Sometime. I think.
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  8. Htown77

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    Updated through 2/9/20:

    Texas 14-9 (4-6) 6th in Big XII

    Power Conference Wins:
    @ TCU 13-10 (6th in Big XII)
    @Purdue 14-10 (7th in Big Ten)
    Texas A&M 11-11 (7th in SEC)
    California 10-13 (9th in Pac-12)
    Iowa State 10-13 (8th in Big XII)
    Kansas State 9-14 (9th in Big XII)
    @ Oklahoma State 11-12 (10th in Big XII)

    Minor Conference Wins:
    California Baptist 17-7 (2nd in WAC)
    Northern Colorado 15-7 (3rd in Big Sky)
    Central Michigan 13-9 (4th in MAC)
    UAB 14-11 (9th in CUSA)
    Praire View A&M 12-11 (1st in SWAC)
    McNeese State 12-12 (5th in Southland)
    High Point 7-17 (8th in Big South)

    Power Conference Losses:
    @ Baylor 21-1 (1st in Big XII)
    Kansas 20-3 (2nd in Big XII)
    @Kansas 20-3 (2nd in Big XII)
    @West Virginia 18-5 (3rd in Big XII)
    Texas Tech 15-8 (3rd in Big XII)
    LSU 17-6 (1st in SEC)
    Oklahoma 15-8 (5th in Big XII)
    @Providence 13-11 (5th in Big East)
    Georgetown 14-10 (8th in Big East)

    (I consider the Big East a power conference in basketball)

    Minor Conference Losses:

    The stock in the TCU win dropped this week, but the stock in the Purdue win went up. We still have not beaten any sure NCAA tournament teams meaning our quality wins are still lacking.
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  9. txlandagent

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    We're on the bubble watch bubble watch.
  10. ViperHorn

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    No; we are on another crappy season (2020-2021) watch.
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  11. txlandagent

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    Horns could plausibly lose out and go 14-15.
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  12. caryhorn

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    14-10 now. We will lose again to TTU; lose again to ou in Norman; lose again to wsu which brings us to 14-13.

    And then we will have to play really well to beat osu, tcu, ksu, isu. Let's say we go 3-1 which brings us to 17-14.

    With this record the season cannot be seen as anything other than a failure. Our talent ranks slightly below BU & KU. Our coaching, in my opinion, ranks dead last.
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  13. Htown77

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    TCU and Purdue both lost again this week. If we do not pick up a better quality win, this might actually be our worst team since Kaiser Bob. Even Shaka's 11-22 team upset Oklahoma State and Iowa State which both made the NCAA Tournament.

    Right now, this team's only win against an NCAA Tournament team may be beating Prairie View A&M. We played such a weak non-conference schedule that we inflated our record allowing Shaka to disguise how little this team has actually accomplished.

    I will wait until the season finishes to research it, but I think the last time a Texas basketball team failed to beat a single NCAA Tournament team in a season has to be prior to Penders.
  14. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Winebibber

    No doubt.
  15. BevoJoe

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    I thought is CDC doesn't was to fire him until the season is over and he posts either a breakeven or losing record. If he makes the NIT again and is one & done, that might get him canned. Regardless, Shaka needs to move on, whether voluntarily or by termination. If not, by 2023, the program will be nothing more than a pile of ashes strewn over the ground.
  16. ViperHorn

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    I think that the timetable has moved up to March 2020. CdC has to sell seats in the new arena now.
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  17. Horns11

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    No one can rationally believe this. HS rankings for recruits just don't carry as much clout once they get out on the court. With only 4 teammates playing with a person at a time, it's much easier to find the shortcomings.

    Drew Jones was a great HS player, but a little inflated ranking-wise because of how well MacArthur did in some of the midseason tournaments and playoffs. He was also hurt, so few recruiters got to see his shortcomings. I appreciate what he's done to come back from cancer, but I don't think there's any way he should have been a 5-star guy back then.

    Coleman was the best of the bunch after Bamba, and he's good but not great. Much like a lot of the rankings said. He bolted from Duke's class because he saw that he would never get PT.
    Sims was next ranked, but outside of his high FG percentage, he's not big or strong enough to make a massive impact on the front end. He was right to be called a 4-star guy for his potential.
    Febres was nothing more than a 3-point specialist, and he's not doing well at that. He's a poor man's Sydmill Harris and shouldn't have been a top-100 guy.
    Hamm was depth. He was at the bottom of the 4-star guys for that class based on his size and athleticism. He shows streaks of it. For maybe 5 minutes/game.

    Ramey was a nice flip, but he was expected to compete for time at SG and he doesn't have a nice enough shot for that. He was the highest-rated guy out of that group, including Hayes, which says a lot about the other guys on the team who still remain from that class.
    Hepa is and always has been a project. He played for one year in a competitive league and people saw his long range and said he's worth taking a flyer on.
    Liddell and Cunningham were supposed to be the depth for 5-10 minutes/game and nothing more.

    Baker's injury has made him relatively useless since the beginning of 2018. He's a 5-star guy on size. He obviously isn't there.
    Jones and Williams - jury's out; but typically, stars show that they're stars by now. It could be that Smart doesn't know how to use them. I thought Williams would be the next PJ Tucker and all we've seen out of him is some weird streaky shot selection and a couple of minutes here and there. Maybe he COULD be PJ Tucker with a little better coaching, but who knows?

    Looking at these 4 years' worth of recruiting and thinking we're anywhere near KU or BU in talent is just strange. We're middling. We'd be "bottoming" if we were in the ACC.
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  18. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    The annual top 10 classes at Kansas, Duke, UNC, etc combined with annual top 10 rankings disagree with you. I am NOT comparing our program to that level, but I will say we have signed enough top talent to finish top 3 or 4 in conference and win it occasionally. We also have enough talent to make the NCAA tourney pretty much every year and win a couple games. The fact we can't even make the tourney say's everything you need to know.

    It's up to Shaka to put the puzzle together and strengthen the team chemistry for them to play well together. He has no idea what to do with this type of talent so they flounder around looking mediocre.
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  19. Horns11

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    Then agree to disagree. For the NCAA tournament point, we don't have anywhere near the talent of the teams under Barnes' watch, including his first season when Mihm/Muoneke/Clack basically carried us through the conference slate to a NCAA tournament 1st round loss. Baker ain't Mihm; Sims/Hamm/Liddell ain't Muoneke; none of our guards are anywhere near Clack. I don't see this team having enough talent to get to the NCAA tournament, let alone win a couple games in it.

    Win the conference occasionally? How often have we ever won it? We shared a couple of conference titles with arguably the best teams we've ever had and that's it. We aren't there talent-wise.
  20. caryhorn

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    I think Barnes is a much better coach than Smart. I do not think Barnes is as good a coach as Roy Williams or Bill Self (KU coaches during Barnes' tenure). Players occasionally got better under Barnes. Especially point guards. Augustine, Ford, and Taylor to mention a few.

    I have seen 0 player development during Smart's tenure. Smart is unable to teach offense in a manner where the players develop and use their physicality, skills, or basketball IQ at the level required to consistently win Big 12 basketball.

    Self is an excellent coach, and Drew is a good coach. Shaka has been a miserable coach here.
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  21. Horns11

    Horns11 5,000+ Posts

    And what I'm saying is that his miserable coaching is keeping players away, hence the lack of talent. If you're implying that Augustin, Ford, etc. were just as heralded as Jones and Ramey, then you're wrong.
  22. txlandagent

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    Interesting to see Jacob Young (Rutgers), James Banks (Ga. Tech), Tevin Mack (Clemson) and Eli Long (UNLV) all thriving at their respective transfer schools. Honestly I’d forgotten about all the transfers until this came up about recruiting class talent ranking
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  23. Htown77

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    At this point, I am only keeping up with this to see if we end up beating any NCAA Tournament teams.

    Weekly update 2/16/20:
    Texas 14-11 (4-8) 7th in Big XII

    Power Conference Wins:
    @ TCU 14-11 (6th in Big XII)
    @ Purdue 14-12 (8th in Big Ten)
    Texas A&M 12-12 (7th in SEC)
    Iowa State 11-14 (7th in Big XII)
    @ Oklahoma State 13-12 (9th in Big XII)
    California 10-15 (11th in Pac-12)
    Kansas State 9-16 (10th in Big XII)

    Minor Conference Wins:
    Prairie View A&M 13-11 (1st in SWAC)*
    California Baptist 18-7 (2nd in WAC)
    Northern Colorado 17-8 (2nd in Big Sky)
    UAB 16-11 (6th in CUSA)
    Central Michigan 13-11 (7th in MAC)
    McNeese State 12-13 (7th in Southland)
    High Point 8-19 (10th in Big South)*

    *Prairie View A&M represents our best shot at beating an NCAA Tournament team this year, so I moved them to the top of my Minor Conference Wins rankings. Our hopes and dreams rest on the Panthers!

    *High Point has dropped to second to last in the Big South, but currently remains ahead of the Campbell Camels. Suck it Campbell Camels!

    Power Conference Losses:
    Baylor 23-1 (1st in Big XII)
    @ Baylor 23-1 (1st in Big XII)
    Kansas 22-3 (2nd in Big XII)
    @ Kansas 22-3 (2nd in Big XII)
    LSU 18-7 (3rd in SEC)
    @ West Virginia 18-7 (4th in Big XII)
    Texas Tech 16-9 (3rd in Big XII)
    Oklahoma 16-9 (4th in Big XII)
    @ Providence 14-12 (6th in Big East)
    Georgetown 15-10 (7th in Big East)
    @ Iowa State 11-14 (7th in Big XII) OUCH

    (I consider the Big East a power conference in basketball)

    Minor Conference Losses:
  24. 500+ Posts

    I want to lose out so that Shaka is gone for sure. Worst case scenario is team plays well enough to even consider keeping him on
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  25. txlandagent

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  26. ViperHorn

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    Agree - See Soccer.
  27. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson 500+ Posts

    Yeah I hate to say it but I hope we do not win just for the simple fact I want shaka gone. After watching the press conference Shaka said Jerico will go see another doctor sometime this week and unless that doctor says otherwise Sims is out for the season and if that holds true we can all surely expect to lose majority of the games we have remaining.
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  28. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 5,000+ Posts

    I agree with the losing out sentiment, but have no idea how a guy can go 65-64 overall and 24-42 in conference over the last 4 years and us feel like he has to lose out to get **** canned.

    I see us going 1-5 over the last six games possibly beating either OSU or TCU at home.

    vs TCU
    @ KSU
    vs WVU
    @ Tech
    @ OU
    vs OSU

    FWIW, still no 2020 signees or commits now with 6 offers out there all of which are "cool" except for Vandegrift 5-star forward Greg Brown who is "warm" with every other top school in the country.
  29. Htown77

    Htown77 5,000+ Posts

    Weekly update 2/23/20:
    Texas 16-11 (6-8) 5th in Big XII

    Power Conference Wins:
    @ TCU 15-12 (5th in Big XII)
    TCU 15-12 (5th in Big XII)
    Texas A&M 14-12 (5th in SEC)
    @ Oklahoma State 14-13 (7th in Big XII)
    @ Purdue 14-14 (11th in Big Ten)
    Iowa State 11-16 (7th in Big XII)
    California 11-16 (8th in Pac-12)
    @ Kansas State 9-18 (10th in Big XII)
    Kansas State 9-18 (10th in Big XII)

    Minor Conference Wins:
    Prairie View A&M 15-11 (1st in SWAC)*
    California Baptist 19-8 (2nd in WAC)
    Northern Colorado 19-8 (2nd in Big Sky)
    UAB 16-12 (7th in CUSA)
    Central Michigan 13-13 (7th in MAC)
    McNeese State 12-15 (8th in Southland)
    High Point 9-20 (8th in Big South)

    *Prairie View A&M still represents our best shot at beating an NCAA Tournament team this year.

    Power Conference Losses:
    Baylor 24-2 (1st in Big XII)
    @ Baylor 24-2 (1st in Big XII)
    Kansas 24-3 (1st in Big XII)
    @ Kansas 24-3 (1st in Big XII)
    LSU 19-8 (2nd in SEC)
    @ West Virginia 19-8 (4th in Big XII)
    Texas Tech 18-9 (3rd in Big XII)
    Oklahoma 16-11 (5th in Big XII)
    @ Providence 16-12 (4th in Big East)
    Georgetown 15-12 (8th in Big East)
    @ Iowa State 11-16 (7th in Big XII)

    (I consider the Big East a power conference in basketball)

    Minor Conference Losses:

    This week, I believe we locked up an NIT bid. We probably need at least 4 wins to have any shot at an NCAA Tournament bid.
  30. txlandagent

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    The NCAA Tournament selection committee doesn’t use ESPN’s Basketball Power Index (BPI) specifically, Texas sits at No. 69 in the metric, and the Longhorns are at No. 65 in the NCAA Evaluation Tool (NET) rankings. Predictive measures like KenPom and BartTorvik have Texas at Nos. 62 and 59, respectively. So numbers wise, we’re right there after this streak.

    Lunardi has us just in the bubble as a “First Four Out”. Meaning the weakest 4 of the 12 on the bubble (last four in and last four out round out the other 8). Basically I think we’d need to hit 20 wins to get a low seed in a crap region.
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