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    I like this one. Let's go with it.
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    Isn't Central Conn where Tom Penders went to school.

    Also, I believe that Rick Lantz went there. Rick is my choice for second best DC in college football behind Leon. Rick is the only DC to successfully change his entire defense for a single game. Barry & Mervyn tried it, and it lasted until almost 9 minutes left in the second quarter. That was the game that exposed Bosworth. Rick's resulted in the first loss by Coach Bowden & FSU in the ACC. In fact, with the game on the line on the last play, Rick told LB Jones what Bobby would call, and UVA stopped Warrick Dunn on wildcat direct snap.
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    I just feel like UCLA is kryptonite to us, in every sport...
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    Now if they really want to f@ck us, they'd put the following in our regional:

    Air Force
    College of Charleston

    Then you'll know they're messing with us...
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    Yes. For a semester I shared a large condo with his niece.
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    Chop, not a baseball post - interesting new avatar photo choice for you.... why her?

    Asking for a friend.;)
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    I dunno
    I think she had something to do with Willie Brown or something…
    It must suck to be her.
    She blew her chance.
    At least she licked inflation.
    It was hard.
    It’s a lot to swallow, so they say.
    She’ll go down in history,
    driving a Hummer,
    with her friends Neal and Bob,
    Going camping with Willie—who pitched a tent
    ...after letting it all hang out.
    Stopping at the 7-11 for a Slurpee and a Big Gulp.
    Maybe she prays a lot—she spent a lot of time on her knees.

    Anything more than this will have to go to the West Mall cesspools.
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