Bristol Palin/ Levi Johnston engagement off

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by zzzz, Mar 11, 2009.

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    And which side would that be?

    It seems you have your head firmly ensconced in your sigmoid colon from that 'analysis.'
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    I would never vote for Sarah Palin for any office. I support comprehensive sex ed. Bristol Palin made a mistake, her behavior does not impact my positions, so it is a non-story.

    Obama's mother was in a similar situation as Bristol Palin. Obama's mother, with the help of her parents, raised two successful children--she is a success story, so I think it is appropriate to use her as an example of a person who didn't use the best judgment early in life but didn't let that negatively impact her life.

    I believe the Cheneys are an example of a family that is a role model for families with homosexual children. They are from Wyoming and conservative, but they clearly love and accept their daughter. Their daughter is successful, is married, and has a child, so I see all of this as a positive and you can use the Cheney's as a positive example of how parents should accept their children as they are and then their children can be successful.

    So, I think if the family situation is positive and furthers the discussion, then it should be open for discussion, but Bristol Palin's situation is just an example of a girl that made a mistake, and all she needs to do is look at Obama to realize that she can make the best of the situation.
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    I had to read this to find out how a small issue could generate so many posts. It's hard to see why people either think it's a big deal or expect it to be totally unreported.
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    *Sigh* Must I repeat myself?In reply to:

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    Good thing that Bristol has a strong family to help her raise the kid, good family values.
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    I don't follow your question, kgp.
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    My principal point on this thread has been and continues to be that the value to public discourse in bring up the wedding cancellation is essentially nil. One figleaf that has been used in an attempt to cover the baser and pointless motivations for publishing and republishing this "news" is the argument that BP's social situation is a refutation of SP's policy proposals. To wit, abstinence-only education. Whatever sex education Wasilla HS offered of whatever quality does not appear from the reports I have read to be abstinence-only; hence that leaves one less excuse for dragging these two teenagers through the mud and the press.

    I believe in treating others as I would myself would like to be treated (or as I would want my beloved treated). I certainly would not want my children held up to national scrutiny and mockery. Regardless of what others may do, therefore, I consider the golden rule as forbidding treating their children so. I could see the potential for rational minds to disagree were there some probative value to be drawn from their example, but rules of logic seem to dictate that none is.

    EDIT wrong homonym corrected to right one.
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    I realize in the bizarro world of the West Mall, I'm not to be taken seriously b/c I know things, and you are, b/c you are completely ignorant, but, yes, comprehensive sex ed is the policy term for what happens in Wasilla. If you want to attack the quality of the instruction, go ahead. But the article you quoted said that the students there were taught about different birth control methods and how they could be obtained. That is not abstinence only education, so your assertion that Bristol's situation reflects on abstinence only is incorrect.
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    You could just admit that you were wrong. It is not my fault that you failed at life.
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    I accused the OP of nothing sinister or dark. I asserted that some motivations are base (big difference) and some pointless (no character insult at all-- merely a comment on meaningfulness). I sit on no high perch, nor does one need to do so to want people's kids left alone.
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    i wonder how many bush twin/palin family/mccain family threads there have been on the west mall vs. chelsea clinton/gore family/obama family threads

    I could be wrong but i would bet there have been a lot more threads about the right leaning family threads.
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    Let's change the link to "Biden's daughter arrested."
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    You're right, Taylor. And I'm sure it was just a slip by some idiotic rightwing nut job that it was reported at all. [​IMG]

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