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    Mr D
    The Brown Sugar song
    The DAC song you referenced must be pretty obscure. Never heard of it
    But the Stones Brown Sugar song is legend
    I just never listened to anything but the chorus
    I am not sure how I would have felt back then if I had actually paid attention.
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    Brown Sugar seems to largely be about interracial sex including some forced sex, and obviously there's going to be controversy surrounding that. However, of some black guys did a rap about how much they love banging white chicks and made light of it being forced on them, would the same people be upset? I'll bet not.

    The Coe song is obscure. It's from one of two albums he recorded that are just raunchy lyrics and themes set to country music. The guy who played it was one of these rich kids who liked being a "bad boy." Interestingly, he's now a politically conservative (even socially conservative) gay guy. Not many socially conservative gays.
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    Wouldn't the difference be that the Stones have never celebrated the lyrics as if forced sex is a good thing? It was about slavery. Who thinks they were singing it in a positive light?

    The rap from some black guys WOULD be celebrating that they themselves could do what you reference.
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    They aren't celebrating rape, but it's pretty clear from the last verse that Mick Jagger has a thing for black chicks, which shouldn't be controversial. Obviously plenty of black dudes have a thing for white women, and people generally don't have a problem with that anymore.
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    So, the real question, and Richards said it in the article I posted, is why they are not performing it any longer. When The Rolling Stones don't have the stature to ignore the loudmouth cancel culture, well, they really don't have any stones after all.
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    I agree. I don't think they should stop performing it. For one thing, it's one of their best songs.
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