Bryan Regional - we’re done. Cajuns roast Bouef.

To McH, who asked wtf?: At that point in the game I had concluded we were going to lose to LaLaf. Thinking about why, I returned to a thouoght I have had for years. To wit, we play too many games in the comfy confines of our own home. It might help to get ready for the road shows if we showed the flag in Odessa and Brownsville and Abilene and El Paso, et al. When we played in Corpus a few years ago, Whataburger Field was packed with our fans and maybe a thousand fans of the home team

toughen up on the road was my point

fattening the win stats looks good on paper but is of no help against big league opponents like LaLaf !!!!! on the road
Ignore my emoji - not sure if it was unintentional or I was aiming for the flame button.

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