Buddies fiance leaves honey do list

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by ptownhorn, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. That b*tch makes him piss with the door open? [​IMG]
    I'm speechless!
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    Hayden Horn makes a very good point. Better to have a girl tell you want she wants you to do than to have girl just think about what she wants you to do and then when you don't do exactly that, get upset/disappointed.
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    For all you know, before she goes out of town he's all "Honey, I'm tired of partying with these guys but everytime you leave I end up doing the same **** as always...why don't you leave me a list of things to do while you're gone so I'll stay busy and it'll be easier" and then he's a big ***** about it because ya'll are calling him a ***** for not partying when she's out of town...

    Just sayin', ya'll got no idea what kind of talk's going on when you're not around, regardless of what he's telling you...
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    also, real friends would help him blast the **** out of that list so they could spend the rest of the time partying with him.

    just sayin.
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    So my sister-in-law and her husband come over for dinner last night (my wife cooked). After dinner I wash off my plate and silverware and put them in the dish washer. My sister-in-law finishes her meal then says to me "alright we're done, you can start cleaning the dishes now since your wife cooked."

    WTF is she thinking? I tell her "that's out." Nearly casues an argument at my house. Just because she has her husband wipped like a catholic school boy doesn't mean she can come over and wreck shop at my house.
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    What Bernard said, and I'm two years further down the road than he is.
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    ...and who says college students and thrice-divorced 50-somethings can't agree on a few things...
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    Married 6 six years. Never heard of a honey do list and never had anything that resembles it. I guess we do have an unwritten rule about what gets done around the house.
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  20. "Then you tell her to quit mad dogging you. That'll get a ***** shanked on the yard. That's just common sense."

    Allsome!! [​IMG]
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    Well said LazyE
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    Its not unreasonable to help with the chores in the house (like washing dishes), but my SIL butted in and tried to change our living arrangement. I mow and weed eat every week and help with the laundry. She cooks (about twice a week) and cleans the dishes (although I find myself unloading the dishwasher quite often). However, my SIL runs the house across the street and I guess she thinks her sister should have the same arrangement.
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    People who have problems with lists just mean that they have different priorities and probably dont really see eye to eye. My wife dosent need to make a list, because we both know that **** needs to get done and there arent enough hours in the day to do it all. I think we would both say that you gotta pick your battles and decide what to put energy into. Its not the list, its the fact that there are unspoken expectations about behavior that are clearly not the same. One wants to party, the other wants no partying and some good ol fashion elbow grease. There's nothing wrong with either opinion, they're just a different stages. Like some earlier posters warned...this is a bad omen for the marriage, although it seems like the author is more pissed than the subject.
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    Asking the bf to clean up his piss is one thing. "Making" him sit down with the door open is another thing. I put making in quotations because she didnt really make him. She told him to and he willingly went along with it.
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    This would not work well with me. Perhaps it works in their relationship. Curious as to whether he gives her a "list" when he leaves town.
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