Buddies fiance leaves honey do list

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by ptownhorn, Apr 9, 2008.

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    Uhh, this does not sound like a healthy "honey do list" or relationship. He parties hard when she leaves town? That is a telltale sign something is wrong. Sounds like this guy needs to break this gig off before its too late - otherwise he very possibly has a life full of marriage misery ahead.
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    gotta love these battle of the sexes posts :)

    forgot to tell you guys. she also reminds him she makes more money in public settings

    he was teasing her for going to an ag school. She then let him and everybody else at the table know who makes the most loot.
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    In reply to:

    "what the hell is he supposed to do? sit on his *** by himself all week?"

    Hell no, but when you consider what the original poster said about the unbalanced relationship, her dominance, chore lists, telling others she makes more $ than him, etc..... he parties when she is gone like he is in New Orleans at his bachelor party. Sorry, but this is not a healthy relationship. His actions tell me he is trying to escape for a short time from the relationship, he may be medicating himself from the anxiety or pain he feels (been there and done that). IMO he will be much more miserable & regretful if he marries this wench. He needs to find a way to kick her *** to the curb real fast.
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    This chick sounds like Anne from Office Space.

    "Nobody hangs up on me. Oh yeah, I've been CHEATING on you!"
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    My wife makes more than me and she would never ever say anything about that in front of others.

    One, because she is a better person than that. Two because it is very bad form to talk about money to others, especially if you are doing well. Three, because I am man enough to never let any woman try to emasculate me, and she knows it.

    Heres the deal, if you are going to be a bear, be a grizzly.

    Your friend is a ******* ***** and he gets treated like that because he allows it.

    And as for the guy who's chick "makes" him sit on the can to piss. You gotta be ******* kidding me.
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    It's not just her making him sit, it's her making him keep the door open, so she can insure he is sitting?

    Tell that women that the last time I got instruction on going to the bathroom was when I was two.

    If your name isn't on my birth certificate, then shut your suck and make me a sammich.
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    Outstanding. Shut your suck. I'm gonna steal that from ya if it's okay. [​IMG]
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    I can't believe people are actually using the term "honey do list" --- any use of that term in my household would result in immediate disembowelment.
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    I think the post was talking specifically about the term "honey do", which is gay.
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    This is still continuing? Should have been closed after HaydenHorn's mind reading comment. Nothing else needed to be said. There are some interesting additions to our comprehension of modern vernacular, however.
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    don't remember the story on the first engagement. bought a ring, didnt propose, they wouldnt take it back. might be wrong.
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    I'm damn tempted to link this thread on an email to all of my friends to my ***** *** friend that now is no longer allowed to drink without his girlfriend present.

    Seriously, some guys just have no f'n balls.
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