Buechele preseason hype

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Driver 8, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Driver 8

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    Shane will be getting some attention this year. If he gets good production out of the o-line he could have a big season.

  2. ProdigalHorn

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    Heisman hype is completely idiotic at this point. He's got a good chance to have a great season, but naming Shane a Heisman candidate at all just makes whatever list he's on irrelevant.
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  3. X Misn Tx

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    I don't remember what Porter's hands were like, and I wonder about our RBs' protection skills, but I am excited to see CoJo/Heard/Devin. Hemphill-Mapps is sounding like a player.

    As long as we don't give regular reps to physical specimens with less than ideal hands.
  4. El Sapo

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    ... and we're done here.
  5. easy

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    200 pounds though????? I remember when aggy listed Murray as 6 feet when he started his first game I spit my beer out in laughter
  6. Crockett

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    When Johnny Football was at this point in his second year on campus, Coach Sumlin wasn't even sure who was his starting quarterback. Buechele is comparatively experienced and proven. It's a long shot that he'll win the Heisman, but I've seen more improbable in the wide wise world of sports.
  7. Hoop

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    If we get above-average play from the O-Line, the receivers and system are as good as billed, and the defense is above-average, I don't see why this guy wouldn't be on that list.

    I don't think he's winning a Heisman this year, but I spring with optimism.

    Heck, it's the off season - so here we go! Buechele was near the top 50 in QB rating, had near 3000 yards, had 21 TDs, and got sacked more than just about everyone else as a true freshman; Colt was a RS freshman his first year, but either way, here are some stats from their respective first starting years:

    Colt McCoy 217 318 68.2 2570 8.1 72 29 7 14 161.8
    Shane Buechele 236 391 60.4 2958 7.6 80 21 11 31 136.0

    Colt played post-NC with 7 guys drafted after that year (Micheal Griffin, Aaron Ross, Justin Blalock, Tim Crowder, Brian Robison, Terell Brown, and Kasey Studdard). He also played for Mack Brown in his heyday. Buechele played for Strong on his way out and the only draft pick after last year was Foreman.

    The other glaring stat to me is that in 2006 Texas was ranked 20th in team defense and they were 93rd last year. Here are the stats:

    2006 3503 292 2797 233.1 706 58.8 214 17.8
    2016 5379 448 3102 258.5 2277 189.8 378 31.5

    I guess an argument could be made that the game has 'changed', but I'm not really buying into that as it seems that Ohio State, Florida State, Michigan, LSU, Clemson, Alabama, and even Louisville (to some extent) have been able to adjust over the last decade and keep a level of consistency on defense.

    Buechele was pretty special as a true freshman. If Texas can get some players around him, he'll easily be a top 5 QB here and one of the best in the country, too.
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  8. X Misn Tx

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    colt was pretty outstanding when it came to completion %age. i think shane can match colt in most places, but completion %age will be tough for anyone to match colt on. jmo
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  9. BevoJoe

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    Heisman talk in July....the sports writers must not have enough to do.
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  10. Hoop

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    I hear you...but they really started talking about it in earnest at the beginning of the year. I can't wait for the USC game.
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  11. ViperHorn

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    If Buechele plays well and Texas beats USC - the steam for him will increase.
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  12. Statalyzer

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    That 2006 Texas team might have been the last one to really have a good OL both for the run and the pass game.

    Well, since he did set the NCAA record.....
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