"Bunchie" – I'd offer him, too.

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Godz40acres, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Godz40acres

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    10 YO Maxwell "Bunchie" Young has scholarship offers from University of Illinois and an unnamed Pac-12 team.

    That video was made when he was only 9. Does he really run a 4:13? It was on his leg.

    Here's another vid....

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  2. Driver 8

    Driver 8 smoooove

    WOW! What a great little athlete, go Bunchie
  3. Horns11

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    Just offer him anyways. Even if he doesn't pan out, it's a nice story.
  4. hornsfan1026

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    I dunno . . . . those hairdos are way too funky, even for Austin.

    He be having to tone that all down. Even makes Ricky's earlier dreds look sophisticated. I'm not sure the chartreuse will blend well with Burnt Orange.

    Hook him!
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  5. Phil Elliott

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    I don't know, I've seen plenty of kids in Pop Warner who I thought were the next big thing, and by the time they were HS aged, they fizzled. Not always, but often enough to where I can say there is no way to tell how a kid is going to turn out based on his performance at 10 YOA.

    This one looks like he's already got a bigger ego than anyone I ever coached at that age.

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