Byrne: Horns decline to play through 2018.

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by BigEarlinBastrop, Oct 14, 2011.

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    DeLoss should have said "We have a policy of not playing teams that leave our conference for a significant period of time. See Arkansas."
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    Serious question for Facebook skirmish: Did Ags commit to Big 12 after Neb and Colo left? When, how?
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    Actually Idaho and SMU did have some overflow seating, just not in all 4 corners. Essentially the only way they get above 86k in attendance is with track seating and every game has been. Five straight sellouts, the rest of the year is sold out already, and demand for SEC tickets next year will likely be greater. Kyle is going to get a major expansion in the next couple seasons.
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    More turds on a dung heap is just a bigger pile of ****.
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    Nobody cares what A&M does or does not do. Just do it away from us. I dont care if they sell their stadium out and/or put folding chairs out, whether they are on tv or not, renovate the stadium, etc...Don't care.
    It's like losing a red headed, freckled, booger eating stepson in a divorce. Don't care what happens to him next.
    I damn sure wont miss the corp turds marching up Congress like they just came back from war.
    Every Texas coach needs to toe the line in refusing to play.
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    Aggy put out extra chairs for SMU and Idaho, but that's it? Must have been the massive fan bases from those schools driving the ticket sales, eh? OR was it classic aggy "best fans ever" only betting on a sure thing?
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    Kyle getting larger

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    Greatness [​IMG]
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    can't say that Texas needs aggy or that aggy needs Texas. But I can say, based on the conversations I've had with other Horn fans, Texas doesn't want aggy.
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    That picture is funny!
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    I live in Austin and just got my 3rd promo for half price tickets this year to Texas games. If Texas isn't a Top 10 team you have more trouble selling tickets than A&M. The latest is for your new "feature game" with Tech. If Mizzou leaves the biggest stadium in the B12 outside of Texas and OU will be 62k. TCU has 43k (but hey, they just renovated!)

    A&M now has a larger undgergrad population than Texas and we have 360k living alumni (for comparison TCU has 75k and Texas has 450k). We are nipping right on your heels academically and certainly in the same weight class. We have the better football team currently and the far superior overall athletic department. A&M currently has a football winning streak against every single school in the State of Texas. You don't have to play us, we will be fine. It's just comical when you act as though you can put in Tech or TCU and act as though they are comparable.

    A&M doesn't want to play Baylor or Tech because they are schools that wouldn't even be in a BCS conference if they didn't have others to help them, they don't travel, and they have pathetic stadiums where they treat their guest like crap. Why do a home and home with a school when it is a one way trade? Maybe A&M will do a buyout game for Baylor or play a 2 for 1 with Tech (with the 1 in Dallas) or something of the like but it's just bad business to do even trades with those schools. Texas OTOH is a guaranteed nationally televised game that is the oldest instate rivalry in college football and the interest for the game is huge, my tickets for the game this year are running double the price of World Series tickets on Stubhub. It's a great showcase of the 2 Flagship Universities in Texas and the 2 largest schools in this entire region of the country.
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    Hell AM won't even win 10 games this year. There are at least two losses ahead of them this year. That gives them four losses and 9 wins if they win their bowl game.

    Please just go away, you made your bed, go lie in it and enjoy.

    Good Bye and Good Luck!(in the old Tex voice)
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    aggressor, do you really believe that **** you just posted??
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    I don't always agree with aggressor, but what part of what he just posted is particularly controversial? Maybe the bit of puffery about whose football team or athletic department is better, but you can make an easy case for those from neutral-observer statistics (recent W/L records, rankings, Director's Cup standings, etc).

    Aside from that, Texas' ticket-selling issues are well documented, virtually no one thinks any of the proposed Big Whatever replacements are equal to the schools that have left, and the rest are basic statistics.

    Which part of what aggressor posted do you disagree with, and why? Aside from whose team and athletic department are better; of course you disagree there and there's little point arguing that. But you seem to think his entire post is nonsense, where nothing in it is anything that you wouldn't hear from dozens of bloggers and national press with no axe to grind in Texas.
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    "have pathetic stadiums where they treat their guest like crap"..... ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    how's that different than aggy?
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    oh wait.. just realized it... Aggy can seat MORE people to treat their guests like crap... got it
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    Thank you SEC!!! No more moronic conversations with A&M office mates explaining to them that OU is Texas's rival and Tech is A&M's.
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    I see I’m late in replying to your comments as others have had a response prior to me…I must admit your attempt to talk about ticket promos and stadium capacities is rather humorous. Please come back & visit with me when your ‘tackle box’ hits a 100K and you‘ve had continuous sellouts for the past 10 years… please! One decent year of football does not give you the right for smack... at all!

    As for your current undergrad & alumni numbers, who the **** cares… you are bringing this up why?? The comment about the winning streak, well all I can say is IT’S ABOUT FREAKING TIME! Question for you… when was the last time that happened? Hey… Fox & ESPN has already done a quick crunching of the viewing numbers and it appears that there will be a net gain when Aggy leaves… so I do consider TCU coming into the Big 12 a ++ upgrade in comparison and with multiple BCS game appearances. You’re right, Texas doesn’t have to play the ATM and why should they considering you got pissed off with Texas that you had to pick up your toys & move to another conference which is unbelievable!

    Do you really believe Tech will play you in a 2 for 1 scenario… kidding right??? Not sure what you’ve been drinking, but I don’t care to have any of it… last time I checked, Tech was spanking your *** something to the tune of 9 out of the last 13 times you’ve played and even Baylor has won their fair share of games against Aggy… hell, the Techsters are your big rivals!! Your arrogance at looking down at Tech & Baylor confounds me when the ATM has had only ONE 9-win season in the 12… and you may not get there this year. Texas is always guaranteed national exposure... wish I could say the same about the ATM. I congratulate you on the ticket prices for some game which you did not name… I suppose you are referring to the Texas game at the Tackle Box in CS Thanksgiving night?? All I can say is, it’s about time… I’ve bought walk-up tickets for the game more times that I care to count in the last 12/13 years since the bonfire collapse… Geez dude, I see you just don’t get it and I honestly think you believe all the **** you wrote above which was part factual, mostly fictional and 110% delusional!! All the best to the ATM in the $EC, just be sure to have a silver platter on hand b/c your arse or your head will be on it…
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