C. Mich v 'Horns

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by old65horn, Dec 14, 2019.

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    Excellent 3 pt shooting. Febres was 7-10 from 3. He was smoking hot. FINALLY shooting like we were told he could.

    Ball handling was a mixed bag. Coleman and Ramey had 6 assist each with 2 TO. Hamm and Lidell were TO machines. I do not see how we can put Hamm in the game with the careless mistakes he continues to make, Lidell should lose his starting role to Jones.
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    Liddell to the bench then to the portal I fear...
  4. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Wait we shot over 50% from the field and from behind the arc and still had to come from behind at the half to win? The comments about ball handling were accurate. We had 22 turnover. :puke:

    Glad they shot well enough to win!! :hookem:
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    This kid has talent, but he is very raw. He needs to grow up, earn his PT, be patient and LEARN how to play at this level. If he transfers so be it. He is an albatross at times with his reckless play. If he stays and develops--see Coleman, Sims, Hamm, etc, then he will be an asset to the team.
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    The Central Michigan game sort of confirmed my fears about the team. We're just going to live and die with the 3, so if that means we're going to have a couple of games where we score under 50 against conference opponents who play man. I can't think of a 3-point specializing team that ever made any waves in the NCAA tournament. Maybe Davidson with Curry or Miami OH with Wally Sczerbiak, but they only made waves because they were midmajors who upset some teams. I don't think Texas should aspire to be a 3-point shooting spoiler.
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    Horns looked good.

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