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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. Pomspoms

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    How can you be disagreeable to that post?
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  2. theiioftx

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    Fairly certain those three were leading the charge on The Eyes being racist. Ewers is a life long Longhorn like Ellingher.
  3. Pomspoms

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    My feelings about Overshown and Eagles is that anyone can get caught up in emotions, especially during those turbulent times, especially when others are talking s**t. But both seem to be trying hard on the field. They can have an opinion, and play well, long as they are not undermining the culture and the spirit of the program. Course I am not privvy to what's being said around the players but I think cutting a little slack is in order.
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  4. longhornlegend

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    If you argue against the harm done by these "woke" players then I dont know how to respond. Do you go to your boss and tell him he sucks and oh by the way, keep paying me? Nah, didnt think so. Ewers changing his mind certainly was impacted by the woke BS situation at UT. This is not a team and again I refer you back to Sam standing alone singing the Eyes. If you dont have support and leadership from your coaches (which they dont) then how can the captains drive the message that will be respected by the players. You either all row the boat in the same dirction or get out.
  5. horninchicago

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    I think you and @theiioftx are on the same page here. In fact, I'm certain of it.
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  6. old65horn

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    Sterns came in with a lot of stars and promise.

    He really played well as a true freshman. He has never reached that performance level since.

    His soph year had as much time missed due to injury as he played.

    In his soph and Jr. he has not looked NFL ready. Poor pass coverage and help. Cannot tackle in the open field. like the rest of the team. Took incorrect angles a lot of the time.

    I look for him to not be drafted, or at best a high draft choice. Hope I do not see him wearing the star.
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  7. nashhorn

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    Well, not quite like Ellingher, not quite. Ellingher is here, he’s not.
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  8. Pomspoms

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    So you're saying Sterns could be a high draft choice or a middle round draft choice or a low round draft choice or not drafted at all.
    Wow, I get it!
    That is brilliant!
    I wonder if there are other players fitting into that situation.
  9. beijinghorn1

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    Perhaps I am crazy, but I am cutting all the players a lot of slack. Part of coaching at the collegiate level is making sure your players know how to handle the press and how to behave on the field. None of these guys seem to seek the lime light (maybe I am wrong... perhaps Mr. Flex). So I believe most of the negative comments against Sterns and others would not have happened with a competent coach. Therefore I wish Sterns the best of luck and I really hope the next coach is better.
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  10. rick mueller

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    I can only add that we need to remember these are 20-21 year old men. My feelings and beliefs at that age are not something I am proud of today. Life's experiences have changed those beliefs drastically.
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  11. OrangeShogun

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    I remember his comments, his threats and his actions. That's why, despite his good play this season (applies to Eagles too), he's on the list of players that must, one way or another, graduate/portal/quit before I can even begin to consider genuine support of the football team. Ossai too, and that one really hurts, because prior to his participation in the extortion demands, I was a big fan.
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  12. 500+ Posts

    Don’t hold your breath. I want them all back minus Sterns. Not only did he not play hard, but also BJ Foster is better. I’m glad he’s gone. Nobody knows what mindset the other players have, especially given the progress, starting with the JW statue. They all play hard minus Sterns.

    On a side note, is Sterns even expected to be drafted? I don’t see it
  13. OrangeShogun

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    No breath holding here, just apathetic observation until the malcontents eventually wash out of the program.
    I doubt Sterns will get drafted, not much demand in the NFL for an undersized, fragile Safety that consistently shies away from physical contact.
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    If they play hard they deserve a pass. The environment in the summer was unique and they got caught up in it. They’re 20-year olds, I imagine each has experienced racism firsthand. Get over it. We’re talking one social media post by each.
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  15. 2003TexasGrad

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    Emotional 20 year olds shouldn't be determining policy while issuing ultimatum. But this is 2020. Where 20yos are far from adults and gender is now a "social construct."
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  16. OrangeShogun

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    Again, no.
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  17. TexasFight86

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    Seems like the togetherness in singing the Eyes lasted all of one game. Not so much togetherness after the gut punch loss to ISU.
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  18. mchammer

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    Ultimately blame the coach. He didn’t control the situation over the summer and the losses (TCU and ISU in particular) were mostly due to coaching. This is why we need new coaches vs new players.
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  19. 500+ Posts

    How many actually went through with their ultimatums? How many policies were changed? All I see is a new statue

    EDIT: I’m not asking for more change, just pointing stuff out
  20. 2003TexasGrad

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    Thankfully their ultimatums were largely dismissed but their immature attitude was given legs and they were supported in their endeavors by at least a few adults in the room.
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    Dismissed by who?
  22. 500+ Posts

    Such vague answers
  23. 2003TexasGrad

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    Well the University for one didn't cancel the Eyes of Texas. That's a pretty big dismissal. My point is too many people are supporting the players silly crusade.
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  24. Texanne

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    Temple kid.
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  25. theiioftx

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    They have nearly killed the program and I’m not exaggerating. We are at a point of selling our souls to recover.
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    Again, specifics are all I’m interested in
  27. 500+ Posts

    That’s my point. Led to very little, a statue
  28. OrangeShogun

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    Are you truly unaware of the divisive impact that the malcontents demands and ultimatums have caused or are you just attempting to be coy?
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  29. everette

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    and the football field
  30. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    And fan/booster anger....divided locker room facilitating a mediocre result in a year we should have dominated the league....encouraging recruits to go elsewhere because of the divided culture....etc, etc, etc...
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