Calvin Anderson visiting Okie

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by DFWHorn012, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. DFWHorn012

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    Crap. Was really hoping Calvin Anderson wouldn't visit Okie. Word is he's visiting this weekend and then will make his decision between us, them, auburn and mich. Don't like that Okie is getting the last word with him.. they have a spot for him with Orlando Brown moving on. It's not top flight panic mode but it does leave me feeling uneasy. This is a huge need for us and would be a huge gut punch to lose em to okie with how impactful getting that LT position figured out is and his connections to Austin. Losing out on him to the land thieves would be a huge kick in the balls.
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  2. bystander

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    Well all it means is that academics are no longer in play here if they ever were.
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  3. HornHuskerDad

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    Hey, don't be so hard on Zero U - they are trying to upgrade academics. I heard that they have a new rule for next year to upgrade the academic performance of the student athletes -" No student athlete will be awarded a letter unless he can identify that letter within five seconds without assistance." :smile1:
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  4. LonghornCatholic

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  5. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Maybe he's visiting to tell them he's coming here.....a real dick kind of move like that might be pretty cool if it happened. :hookem:
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  6. Chinstrap

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    Anybody have warm feelings about this one. He seems to be a fit for the school, the team? Is he a McCombs MBA candidate?
  7. 1963_Frosh

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    So, when is he going to announce? When will he enroll if he opts for the Longhorns (I assume too late for spring practices)?
  8. RainH2burntO

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    It will be close. We've all been scouring for info and the best we have is:
    A. He has kept in close contact recently with Herb Hand (3rd party info so...)
    B. Most of his private twitter activity seems to indicate closer contact with UT guys (maybe...)
    C. EJ Holland still feels he's a Texas lean (most likely...)

    So, basically...he's a lock.
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  9. HornHuskerDad

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    He's a lock when he enrolls in school - until then it's still wide open.
  10. RainH2burntO

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    I agree. I was being sarcastic... to make light of how imperfect all attempts to know these things are.
  11. Crockett

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    Unless things have changed more than I can imagine. it's way late for spring semester enrollment.
  12. ViperHorn

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    You forgot about the double secret spring semester for graduate students with undergrad degrees from Rice.
  13. mchammer

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    He doesn’t graduate till May.
  14. RainH2burntO

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    I posted this somewhere else, but just an FYI Mr. Anderson lost a friend and a teammate yesterday as Rice defensive lineman Blaine Padgett was found dead in his apartment in Houston.
  15. X Misn Tx

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    I'm so sorry. That's hard.
  16. Dionysus

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    Calvin Anderson announcing sometime today. I have not found a specific time for the announcement yet. Texas, Michigan, Auburn and OU in the running.

    Also, 5-star WR Jordan Whittington expected to announce at 2:00 today. Options are Texas, Florida, UCLA and A&M.
  17. RainH2burntO

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    UT Fan: Chuck, I'll take an improved offense for $1000.
    Chuck: And it's the daily double!
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  18. bystander

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    I don't look at Calvin as another Connor. In fact, I have no idea but I do see his potential commitment in two ways: 1) Validation of Hand 2) An able-bodied if not a star lineman. Depth has clearly been a problem.
  19. Horns R Back

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  20. bystander

    bystander 5,000+ Posts

    Is that a commit?!?
  21. bystander

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  22. Horn87

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    Looks like it, and welcome to the 40 Acres Calvin!!:hookem:
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  23. bystander

    bystander 5,000+ Posts

    Big day for the Horns! A 2-fer!
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  24. Dionysus

    Dionysus Ok Cool. Hook ’Em! Admin

    That’s a commit. Big time playmaker, immediate impact on the OL.
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  25. ProdigalHorn

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    That's great news. As long as people don't expect him to be THE fix, he should be a huge asset, largely just by adding a better-than-competent body on the line. It would be so great if we looked at this line going into the fall and felt like it might even be a strength, because the talent is there. The depth hasn't been, and the experience hasn't been, but maybe for the first time in a while, we can have a line that isn't two injuries away from a completely meltdown.
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  26. I35

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    We are getting one of the best pass blockers in the nation. I don't have any idea how his run blocking is, but if he can help keep the QB upright that will be huge for passing game.
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  27. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 5,000+ Posts

    I went to the Austin rodeo last night and was thinking how excruciatingly long 8 seconds can be. If Anderson can help get our QB just one or one and a half extra seconds to throw that could change our game completely.
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  28. Austin_Bill

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    Sure am glad he picked the right school.
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  29. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Liquor Man

    I've seen him get his *** whipped a lot. And even with that, he has helped make our line a much stronger unit this season.

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