Can anyone justify NOT having the Wall?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Horn6721, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Horn6721

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    Kamala is a stupid attention grabbing hoe
    What is her solution?
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    Libs are insane. Orange county calif had a contract to allow privately owned detention centers for illegals to operate in their county. There was never an issue with the facilities and the county made money off the taxes the private company paid.
    But Orange county is forcing the private facilities to close when our country is overwhelmed with illegals and need places to house them.
    The county sheriff Barnes says it needs the facilities for mentally ill people but Barnes admitted his state’s anti-ICE hysteria forced him to act.

    The decision to give ICE the boot is “intended to mitigate the risk of litigation from the state while at the same time minimize costs to Orange County taxpayers,” Barnes said.

    “Unfortunately, based on statutory language within SB 54, those individuals we house on behalf of ICE will mostly likely be transferred out of California, separating them from their family members who reside within the state.”

    The Trump administration is suing California over the three state statutes that turned the state into a sanctuary for illegal aliens as of Jan. 1, 2018."
    California County to Shut Down Immigration Detention Facilities

    So it is NOT for the children and families as so many Libs whine?
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    I'm sure her solution is to open the gates and let them go register to vote...
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    Using current rates of Catch and Release, border crossings and visa overstays, the US projects to add about 1.5 million illegal aliens to the population by the end of the year.

    This needs to end right away. Trump is going to have to shut the Southern border down to all human traffic -- the only exceptions being to holders of US Passports and proper Visas. Single lane for traffic at every legal entry. Business traffic continues unimpeded, for now.
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  7. Joe Fan

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    The new wall will need gates
    So ....

  8. Joe Fan

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    The latest Pew Polling says ending illegal immigration to the United States is the top priority for Republican voters in terms of increasing the American quality of life

    ~65% of R voters say the highest priority of the Republican Party should be ending illegal immigration and reducing the illegal alien population currently living in the US. A majority view illegal immigration as a burden to their quality of life that will impact future generations.

    Worries and priorities about America's future

  9. Joe Fan

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    "As President Trump doubles down on his pledge to build a southern border wall, Hispanics are showing broad support for him, according to a new survey.

    Some 50 percent of Hispanics approve of the president’s job, according to the latest McLaughlin & Associates poll of likely general election voters.

    What’s more, the Republican Party has regained its edge over Democrats in the generic congressional ballot."
    Poll: 50% of Hispanic voters approve of Trump, GOP regains ballot lead
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  13. I35

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    I think the left pushes so hard on issues by being louder than the other side that the GOP tends to concede way too much. Example: The guilt they put on about the dreamers have the right back pedaling and explaining they are only trying to prevent the illegals from coming in now. Not deporting the dreamers that are already here.

    It wasn’t that long ago that the dreamers had to go. They broke the law and must be deported. Maybe I’m way too hard core about this subject. But if you broke the law then there has to be consequences “always”. No exceptions. So if I were running for office this would be my plan for illegal immigration. This might or might not get me elected. But I stick to what I believe in no matter the results of an election would be.

    1). Until we secure our borders then all we are doing is spinning our wheels and not getting anywhere. So with that said a wall is not even negotiable and has to go up. Because if we don’t then my next line of things that I put out won’t work. So this means a high wall, drones, more border patrol, and expensive fines for hiring illegals, We have to stop their incentive for wanting to come.

    2). Once the wall is built and the border secure, all illegals have 1 year to leave America. We would have offices set up for them to check out and get on the list to come back in legally. The earlier you check out with free travel back to Mexico the sooner you get back in legally. For those that aren’t gone by the date set one year away, will be deported and never eligible to return ever again. And they wouldn’t be able to because of how secure our border will be. So they get one chance to do the right thing or they are banned forever once caught and won’t get to see there family again unless in Mexico. The longer you wait the longer it takes for you to return. So make the decision fast and go or it might be a while (many years) before you get back in to the US. I understand if they are a criminal arlready then they won’t leave because they wouldn’t be eligible to return anyway. But what this does is helps narrow the illegals that are left here to find and identify they have to go. No more criminals returning after deportation 10 times. Over the years they get caught or eventually die off. So gettin America back to being America again would be a long long process. But so much damage has been done that it’s going to take a while. It took many years of doing nothing to get that many over here illegally. Sonit wont happen fast getting them all out.

    The money saved from supporting these families can go toward more agents to help the process of getting their legal status faster.

    You might say they won’t leave. I have no idea how many would or wouldn’t. But if the worst case scenario is only a fraction up to 10% leave then the process will take even longer. But they will weed out over time (perhaps after we’ve passed on) if we enforce the law. Again if this happens then we aren’t don’t this for us but for our future generations. It will take even longer if the Dems come into office and stop the enforcement of law. But the Right has to stand up and continue it every time they are in office with the power. Once the wall is built though,!that is something the Dems can’t take back.

    You might not agree but I haven’t heard of a better process in my mind. We just seem to want to kick the can down the road and do nothing.

    *edit* I know this is harsh but no more anchor babies. They are still illegal if born here. That is taking away another incentive for them to come here.
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  14. BrntOrngStmpeDe

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    Don't disagree with any of it, but I would suggest that the one that needs to happen immediately that has not been happening in sufficient quantities is the enforcement on employers. There was a firm raided in Allen, TX recently that made headlines but this is an easy one. The law is already in place. If we more vigorously enforce it, we can dramatically impact immigration.

    Don't know how real it will be, but I love pushing the immigrants to sanctuary cities to deal with the influx. Make them bear more of the costs.
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  15. Joe Fan

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    I agree. I would just like to have border patrol dealing with them less physically wise for their protection. The border wall would stop the high major if not 95% or more from crossing. The mass can make it much more dangerous than a few getting over the wall.

    Also what isn’t mentioned hardly ever is the diseases that they are bringing over. I seen somewhere reports from the people giving medical attention that it’s really bad.
  17. Garmel

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    If Trump does that it would put an end to the "illegal immigrants do less crime" myth. These places would become dangerous hellholes.
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  18. Sangre Naranjada

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    As if large parts of San Francisco already aren't.
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  19. BrntOrngStmpeDe

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    Trump should roll out an immigration-exchange program where pro-immigration liberals can sign up to play host to an immigration family.
    The immigrant(s) will be in your home until...
    1. They can speak/read/write English at a 4th grade level
    2. They have a job for at least 6 months that is sufficient to pay their own way without food stamps, housing assistance, health care freebies, etc.
    oh, and you don't get to pick your immigrant, you just take the next one in line. Maybe you get one of the "just here for a better life" or maybe you get MS-13 gang members. "You get what you get and don't throw a fit"

    Bet we wouldn't have many takers.
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  20. Horn6721

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    How can Dems criticize the policy?
    I know it won't happen but it is brilliant!:fiestanana:
  21. LongestHorn

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    Just red meat for his brilliant base.
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  22. Horn6721

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    Things are so out of control he will be blasted no matter what he does.
    He gets called evil for following the law and housing illegals in detention centers and for separating suspect illegals from perhaps their children or perhaps not.

    With thousands more coming what LONGEST would you have us do with them?
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  23. Garmel

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    Yeah, we've seen the brilliance of your base over the last few months. Does your side have anything besides ridiculous conspiracy theories?
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  24. Garmel

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    Yeah, I'm sure it's not legal but it would be awesome.
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  25. Phil Elliott

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    You are right, I liked it. Your brilliant leaders just showed (again) what virtue-signaling phonies they are.
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  26. mb227

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    And now we get a certain segment in California whining because police vehicles have had the American flag added... Putting American flags on police cars sparks backlash in Laguna Beach

    If they are so offended by the United States of America flag being displayed, then they can go BACK to where they came. Having a wall would help keep those lunatics from having to be offended...
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  27. Clean

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    Last time I was there you couldn't walk down a downtown street without being panhandled two or three times per block. It's almost as bad as the people handing out smutty advertising on Las Vegas Blvd.

    I laughed when Cher tweeted that LA couldn't take any illegals because they couldn't care for the 50,000 homeless they already have living on their streets. It was like her head had accidentally popped out of her butt for a second there.
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  28. Monahorns

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    There wouldn't be so many homeless people if restrictions to work like (ever increasing) minimum wages, taxes, zone, government regulation didn't exist.

    Of course that is something Progressives will never consider. They will throw bad money after good (or is it vice versa).
  29. Phil Elliott

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  30. I35

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    Not just red meat for the right, but a kick in the nuts to the left. He exposed their ignorance, which is now a daily thing.

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