Can anyone justify NOT having the Wall?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Horn6721, Jul 28, 2016.

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    Do these ranches fall directly on the border or close to the border? Curious to understand where The Wall would be in relation to the ranches and if there are ways to set up secondary perimeters.
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    30 to 50 miles from the border as the crow flies... Of course there are many others that own land right up to the Rio Grande.
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  4. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    My friends' ranch is IIRC is about 20-25 miles from actual border. Brewster is the largest county in USA.
    What we need to consider is what happens to these illegals once they violate our laws by sneaking in. Even after they cross our border they still need to get somewhere, to a semi city where they an access buses etc.
    If you look at a map of our state After they sneak in they still have some terrain to cross. They do this by violating and destroying private citizens land.
    For those who think a strong broader wall will not help I am sure By's friends and I know my friends would invite them down to see the huge damage these illegals would do.
    ONE MORE TIME a strong border is not the only answer but it is one.
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    Let me tell you one other thing the rancher told me. He has exported beef to China in the past. He said the price doubled recently due to the trade agreement. We didn't talk about it much but it was a nugget of gold you also won't hear about from the Left-wing media.

    These people are working hard, trying to make a living and are real land men. They don't have time for BS weak-minded political games. They call it like they see it and NOBODY wants to interview them.

    Think about that the next time Longesthorn posts.
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    I agree. I also wonder if there can be private barriers erected and what leeway the ranch owners can get for dealing with trespassing. If someone trespasses on your land that is a legal violation itself. If they are then damaging property and stealing, there are rights the owner has to defend and protect his property.

    A federal wall can help divert flow to other areas, but there has to be secondary barriers and armed patrols if ranchers and their property are going to be truly secure.

    Personally, I would rather pay taxes for this kind of security than to support troops and bases in Iraq. Bring troops home and have them protect American lives and property.
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    This is the intent of the wall. Funnel people to the port of entry for immigration to the United States. The wall is the blow-back to those who do not care about process. They got what they asked for in Trump. Trump is the political embodiment of being fed-up. And when the alternative to the wall is cries of racism, calls to abolish ICE, sanctuary cities, offers of benefits and amnesty then you will get more Trump.

    I blame the Left for this. Not Trump. They have politicized it to the point where the hatred is on them.

    I believe that.
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    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    The ranch does have fences. That does not stop them. Like most ranches out there it is pretty vast and would be hard to have enough security to patrol.

    for sure I do not see using our military to police and stop illegals. That is a disaster waiting to happen.What if the illegals resist? How long would it be before the cartel arms the coyotes. How long would it be before there are pics of dead women and children we supposedly shot who only seeking a better life here
    at our expense?
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    And the Liberals know all of this. They are daring Trump to do this. They would sacrifice those women and children just for the headlines. There is no middle-ground.

    You are correct about the vastness of the land out there. It's impossible to police.
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    Longesthorn laughed at this.

    Have you ever been to the border? Do you have even one clue about the reality of life on the border? No. You. Don't.

    So your troll act and arrogance is actually a sign of emotional impairment and nothing else. You should grow up. I wonder if you can.
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  13. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    Even if LH read the article as usual he would not .let facts get in the way.
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    Trump tweeted out a series of wall construction photos

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  16. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    Did You read the link?
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    It ought to be a quick and easy decision to extradite him, right?
  20. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    I am surprised they want him back.
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    Estimates that taxpayers forking out up to $6,500 per Illegal Alien

    Illegal aliens cost taxpayers in the ten states with the fewest immigrants around $454 million per year, which works out to a net tax deficit of $4,000 to $6,500 per illegal, according to a report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

    Report: Taxpayers Forking Over Up to $6,500 per Illegal Alien
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    I am an avid fan of limiting immigration because I favor tight labor markets---they force employers to pay higher wages. To Americans

    None of the stuff proposed by either pack of rancid politicians is going to stop the inflow in any meaningful way. A wall creates opportunities for bright criminal gangs to monopolize ways around them.

    I talk to Border Patrolmen a lot. I always pose the same question to them: Why do you chase cockroaches instead of limiting the food supply? I.e. why not bust some employers? The answer is always the same. We are told not to.

    The GOP politicians don't want to limit the inflow because it is their base that hires them and on the cheap labor (have you ever tried to hire somebody to work in a slaughterhouse for cruddy wages?)

    The Dems don't see lawbreakers, they see voters for a generation or two.

    Bust a half dozen employers in Corpus or Victoria or anywhere else and pitch them in the federal joint for four months, which you could do with existing statutes (see 18 USC 1324) and everybody else in the Chamber would start shucking theirs.

    It is the only way and it is not going to happen.

    I am really looking forward to seeing the big beautiful wall paid for by Mexico at Santa Elena Canyon. Right.
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    Do you really say “cockroaches.”
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    I used to live in San Diego and made the drive back and forth more times than I wanted. The majority of the land from the Pacific Ocean to El Paso is flat and desert-like, and thus fairly easy land to drop a Wall. Texas has some of that too, but also has areas where a Wall is not practical, like Big Bend. But I've never seen the problem with that. At worse, the illegal entries would be funneled into limited entry points and thus easier to collect. BP might only have to worry about 200 miles instead of 2,000. Think of the manpower that would save.

    Likewise with the idea of tunnels, if that is what you meant. Tunnels are very expensive and take time to dig and construct. This is why only narcos build them -- no one else can afford it. If they want to keep investing in them, then fine. Go for it. We get better at detecting them every day.

    I am also against the federal govt avoiding its responsibility to protect the national borders and sliding this burden onto employers. They are already burdened with collecting the FUTA, FICA and health premiums. Not to mention OSHA and EPA rules, or state, county and city regulations. Enough already. Small business owners are the #1 new job creators in the US. They deserve so much better than they get. Moreover, guarding the national boundary is one of the core responsibilities of national govts around the world. Without this, there is no need for a federal govt. Indeed, you have no nation at all. How about instead we pull the US Army out of Afghanistan and put them on the Southern border? It would be cheaper for us, and safer for them.

    The "make employers do it" idea is actually a part of the latest amnesty proposal with a misleadingly dumb name. This one is called the "New Way Forward Act." This one --
    —Decriminalizes illegal entry
    —Eliminates the deportation of criminal illegals
    —Cripples ICE enforcement
    —Forces taxpayers to fund illegals’ re-entry into the US
    This is the proponent Democrats’ vision for the US.

    Here is Tucker Carlson addressing that proposed federal law --
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  28. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    The only reason I can think of is a respect for the country that is allowing you a chance to be here legally.
    I wish we could track down everyone of these illegals and kick them out.
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    that last one includes “Airline tickets”. :yikes:
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    OAN news just stated that if we caught and returned just 3.5% out of 100 illegals crossing, in 10 years the wall would be paid for.
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