Can anyone justify NOT having the Wall?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Horn6721, Jul 28, 2016.

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    I'm sure you're right, which backs up my point that walls are useless unless guarded by people.
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    So what is your point? We are discussing "Trump's Wall" which is very effective because it is both a formidable barrier and it is guarded. The results are undeniable.
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    Guess what has started up again?

    George Soros-sponsored Honduran caravans!
    Should arrive just in time for ol Joe's inauguration

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    Under Biden's open borders policy they will be admitted.
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    Humorous video here. The truck in the video was stolen from a father in our scout troop a few years ago. He is called by the police when it is recovered. Not sure how he became aware of the video.

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    Liberals keep sending mixed messages on walls
    Do they work, or do they not work?
    Make up your minds

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    Dios mio, that was a lot of folks under that piece of cardboard
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    Hope Governor Abbott deploys the guard to our border to keep them out, let them come into Cali, Arizona, and New Mexico. We need to set up check points on our interstate highways and deny entry of out of state cars and claim it's for covid reasons. Search Texas cars and really put a block on this caravan of illegals.
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    Have you noticed that the Wall-haters behave very differently when it's their *** on the line?

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    This is punishment by the Dems in the same way Obama punished park goers when gop Congress didn’t authorize park funding.
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    The dumbasses actually spent money to put up fences to keep people out! One of the many dumb Obama moves, and there were plenty.
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    I did not watch Tucker
    Did he interview a sheriff on the border who said we are letting illegals with COVID in and paying for them to stay in hotels?
    If true
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    Unreal! We all hoped it wouldn’t get as bad as it is much less how bad it will get.
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    Suddenly leftists don't like trial court judges issuing nationwide orders-- go figure

    "A federal judge in Texas has put an indefinite halt to President Joe Biden’s 100-day ban on deportations after issuing a preliminary injunction late Tuesday.

    The ruling by Judge Drew Tipton comes after he had already temporarily paused the moratorium twice. The ban is nationwide and is in place as the case continues to play out in courts.

    The ruling is a victory for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who sued to block Biden's order three days into the Biden administration. Paxton's office argued the state would face financial harm if undocumented immigrants were released into the state because of costs associated with health care and education, and said the moratorium would also lure others to come to Texas.

    Tipton, a Trump appointee to the federal bench, wrote in his order that Texas would also incur costs for detaining immigrants within its state. "Texas claimed injury from unanticipated detention costs is sufficiently concrete and imminent. The harm is concrete or de facto because Texas incurs real financial costs in detaining criminal aliens," he wrote....."

    Federal judge indefinitely blocks enforcement of Biden administration’s 100-day deportation freeze
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