Can anyone justify NOT having the Wall?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Horn6721, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. iatrogenic

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    Sounds good. If you want higher taxes, to pay for illegals, welfare, free college and healthcare for everyone, you pay for it.
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    I concur 100%. Of course, defining how to protect the border is also the Feds job.
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    And the CURRENT administration is failing miserably at their job. If they were in the private sector, they would be included in the unemployment figures because their sorry asses would have already been fired for incompetence...
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    I personally know ranchers in South Texas and believe me, they want a wall. While everyone dithers, they are dealing with trespassing, property damage, theft and fear. It's real. But they are not to be considered.

    When someone enters the country outside the standard ports of entry, then they are illegal ESPECIALLY when they migrate across private property. This is never discussed except by Henry Cuellar but the Liberal response was to support an AOC acolyte to defeat him last November. AOC personally took an interest in seeing Henry lose. That is how they respond to reality.
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    all of the administrations since Eisenhower have failed miserably. He deported everybody they rounded up. The rest make noise and do nothing of substance, including President Bone Spurs. Biden and Dems don't care to enforce borders because they know the immigrants will vote democratic for a few generations.

    Republicans like cheap labor that doesn't file lawsuits or whine about unsafe working conditions. So they run their mouths about walls or root causes and the deluge continues unabated.

    Tell me something new.

    at least you will get your lawn cared for cheaply and the slaughter houses will buzz right along with cheap labor.

    We only pay on the backend.
  6. bystander

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    There is no question there is hypocrisy on the border for the reason you state: cheap illegal labor, ESPECIALLY caring for the elderly, being used by some who supported Trump's policies.. In fact, the elder care coming from Mexico is a huge perk when living in South Texas. You have no idea how much of a blessing it is. These women, who will come and live in your home and work like dogs to care for your helpless mother or father, should be given green cards. If only the rest of the country had the same access to this type of help. Lawn mowing and the like is also good for the elderly but there are plenty of teenagers who OUGHT to be doing it like I did when I was in high school back in the early 70's.
  7. Horn6721

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    So here is Abbott's plan . Not great but better than Biden/Harris.
    Here’s what we’re doing to secure the border:
    1. We're developing strategies and surging resources in border communities to make arrests and to help set up and maintain extra jail space.
    2. We established the Task Force on Border & Homeland Security to advance strategies that stem the flow of unlawful immigrants and illegal contraband into our state.
    3. We’re going to approve more than $1 BILLION in funding for the border--the HIGHEST amount of funding for border security in Texas history.
    4. We’ll take steps to build border barriers AND finish building a border wall.
    5. We’re invoking an interstate compact and asking other states to send law enforcement personnel and resources to help solve this crisis.
  8. OUBubba

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    One wall would stop interstate transportation, unless you seceded.
  9. mb227

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    Putting a checkpoint in place is not a stoppage of commerce.
  10. bystander

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    Texas Democrat Pleads with Kamala Harris to Visit Border

    Henry Cuellar is the Democrat that Liberal Democrats wanted voted out last November. AOC targeted him. His opponent was an absolute AOC clone. Thank God he won. Henry is my kind of Democrat and here IS THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BORDER:

    "Representative Henry Cuellar sent a letter to Vice President Harris Tuesday pleading with her to accompany him to the southern border and observe the worsening crisis there, citing the “severe burdens” the massive influx of migrant crossings has imposed on border patrol personnel and resources.

    While Harris has received loud criticism from the opposing party and from Texas Democrats for her absence at the border, a responsibility she was charged with managing months ago.

    In the document, first acquired by the Washington Post, Cuellar says, “I write to invite you to the U.S. Southern Border to observe the ongoing humanitarian crisis and share the perspective of Americans who live there. I encourage you to join me and other Members of Congress, while we visit with the people on the ground who deal with these issues every day.”

    Cuellar notes that the “rapid rise in the number of migrants arriving at our Southern Border has placed severe burdens on our communities.”

    The bottom line conclusion of the letter read, “The situation on the border will only worsen, as more migrants are expected to arrive. The Administration needs to take a proactive approach to create a sustainable system of humanitarian aid and relieve everyday Americans of that responsibility.”

    The letter echoes a sentiment Cuellar expressed in an interview with National Review.

    “We don’t just go visit the border, we live at the border. We talk to the NGOs there, we talk to the mayors, the county judges, to the border patrol, to the men and women in blue, green, and other folks, ICE agents also. We understand this very well,” Cuellar said at the time “I still will encourage them to do more, to reach out to the folks on the border communities and keep talking to them, to make sure that they get a balanced view of what’s happening there at the border itself.”

    Bystander says: Henry is a HUGE INCONVENIENT TRUTH. Maybe Kamala doesn't want to lie. Maybe Biden doesn't want to know. But the facts are that Liberals are using immigration as a political tool to gain votes. Luckily, there are some Latin Democrats who aren't sheep.
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  11. Horn6721

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    President Trump will visit Texas border June 30.
    What will BidenHarris do?
  12. bystander

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    They will deny whatever it is that he will say. It doesn't matter if it's true or not.
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    It's pretty common in informal discussion to refer to people as "President <Last Name>" even after their term is over. For example, "Did you see President Obama on The Late Show last month talking about UFOs?" or "I was in college when President Regan died."
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    I was feeling feisty. Can you give me this one? ;)
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    Your objection is overruled. I also find you contemptible, err in contempt.
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    There must be some legal response to intercepting who the question was directed to and trying to answer it yourself. Whatever it is, that one.
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    Ruling was sua sponte.
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    This is not about the wall but I guess it's the immigration thread. Amazingly, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of THE LAW:

    Court ruling knocks as many as 43,000 in Florida off a path to citizenship

    But here is what a tribal Latina lawyer says:

    “TPS holders deserve the possibility of becoming residents; they have earned their place in our society,” said Lisette Sanchez, an immigration lawyer in Tampa."

    In her world, SCOTUS makes laws. That is why these type of people have no business near the Constitution. They would only torch it.
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  20. Seattle Husker

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    Gov. Abbott committing $250M to border wall construction in TX.

    $250M will get Texas ~9-10 miles of wall built if it it's comparable to the walls near McAllen.

    Who thinks this is an attempt to distract from Texas' continuing energy problems influenced by Mother Nature?

    I'm curious if the average Texan would prefer 9-10 miles of new wall or help with their surging energy bills?

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  21. bystander

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    I don't think we can discount the distraction component. Added to the wall are these two initiatives:

    Gov. Greg Abbott signs bill that would outlaw abortions if Roe v. Wade is overturned

    I live in Texas but do not relate or identify with the Cowboy Texan mentality at all. Nor do I relate or identify with the hard-right evangelical wing.

    We need a grid that works. These are political moves (including the money for the wall at this point in time though I would build one in a heartbeat if the money was there; it would not be the only solution; it would be part of the portfolio and the blame for this are the illegal immigrants and the open border Democrats).
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  22. Monahorns

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    I would say following the 2nd A and protecting innocent life is as or more important than the power grid. But the power grid is much more important than the wall.

    Also, we can do all 3 or all 4. It is a matter of political will. It doesn't cost money really. The power grid is going to grow. There is private and public (needs to go away) investment pouring into the grid. The problem is that previous law favored wind and solar and punished gas and coal. Our tax dollars paid for the expensive distribution lines from West Texas wind farms to the population centers. The wind and solar companies paid $0. All due to Texas state law.

    We are living in the situation that the Republicans made for us. An unreliable power grid. Now Abbott signed a semi-okay bill to consider reliability when adding new load to the grid. It wasn't far enough. There is much more to do. I wouldn't mind outlawing wind and solar but that isn't the right way to do it. But there are loads of laws that need to be repealed or changed to make all energy sources compete on an even playing field and with the hottest and coldest days in mind.
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    It’s neo-colonialism. They like clean floors and bathrooms. Illegal immigrants give them all of the benefits of colonialism without the drinking the water.
  25. iatrogenic

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    I hope you are drinking again and not that dumb.
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