Can anyone really justify the Wall?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Horn6721, Jul 28, 2016.

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    I think I stated that the rules aren't properly enforced, so more rules against employers is not the solution.

    Again, the solution is to stop the illegals at the border, and that is the government's job.
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    Sounds like the 'caravan' is back on the move
    Mexico gave them all 30 day passes
    And someone has paid to bus them all the Mexico City for a rally (the organizers are 'People Without Borders')
    Their plan is to demand free asylum in the US, which the system Obama left behind could allow, while calling Americans racists

    One caravaner, who lived illegally in Atlanta for a year before he was deported in 2013 says ....

    'Trump is crazy. He's racist. The National Guard doesn't worry me, it's all bulls**t.' 'I'll be reunited with my family. See you soon Mr President.'
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    yep. They get hosed in these situations. Their role is to be a supplementary force in times of real need. Making the Guard/Reserve pawns in a political stunt is crap.

    And it has a real impact on their lives and employability. Doing it for political points ticks me off.
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    How bout we see what actually happens before we walk the plank?
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    Static analysis. Almost always wrong.
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    The fact that the GOP doesn't win Asians shows gross incompetence on their part. Democrats screw with Asians more directly and to a greater degree than any political party screws with any ethnic group. Attracting Asians to the GOP should be pretty easy. The fact that they don't have a major outreach program to Asians is really stupid.
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    Politics. Just like the R's being fiscal conservatives during the Obama adminstration then playing Monopoly man when they take up residence in the White House.
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    Bill Galston is a former Clintonista who now writes for the Brookings Institute. Liberals today consider him a "moderate" (which most of you probably already know how to translate).

    He does not like "populism." He wrote something for his fellow leftists on how to stave off the wave of populism around the globe. He notes that most of the world instinctively embraces the idea of national sovereignty as an international organizing principle -- so leftists in the US and the rest of the West must embrace it too, if not populism will prevail. He advises that they embrace prudential policies that drain the energy from populism.

    "Post-election analyses show that concerns about immigration largely drove the Brexit referendum, the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and the gains of far-right parties across Europe."

    "Liberal democrats must make their peace with national sovereignty."

    I dont think liberals are capable of doing this. The bulk of them are not smart enough. But really what struck me as the most amazing thing is that most Republican politicians dont get this either. This is something they should all grasp instinctively yet most do not.
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    Note that the Democrats are on the wrong side of both issues.

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