Canadians in need of a Mexican restaurant

Discussion in 'Around Austin' started by TorontoMick, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. TorontoMick

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    Bringin a bunch of the boys to Austin for a Horns game for the 5th year and need a reco for a Mexican place. We've done Gueros for the past three and would like to try somewhere new. Want a mix of good food and great atmosphere. Any help is appreciated. Hook Em from the great white north and beat the shite outta ou! Mick
  2. TxStHorn

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    Can't go wrong with Maudie's on Lake Austin Boulevard (or Loop 360, if you must).

  3. cbs

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    There are too many options to really list.
    I also like Maudie's because it's near me.
    Other options are:
    Angie's --- if you like thick corn tortllas
    Matt's El Rancho (good atmosphere, but food not as good)
    Las Cazuelas
    El Sol y La Luna on 6th (good atmosphere)
    and I think the best salsa in town is at Santa Rita --- also good atmosphere
  4. TorontoMick

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    Cheers! Thanks for the help. Mick

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