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    So my brother saw the Ewan McGregor documentary and impulsively went out and bought a motorcycle the next day. Currently he is in Bogota, Colombia on his way down to Tierra del Fuego. I think he left on his bike from Houston 3 weeks ago, so I guess he's making decent time. He is by himself, staying with friends of friends along the way.

    Anyway - has anyone else done something like this? I'd like to do the
    Peking to Paris trip.
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    The History International channel had a fabulous documentary of a Beijing to Paris road Rally using vintage cars.

    I never could figure out the year that rally happened, but i would guess it was somewhere between 1997-2000.

    There were different categories for vehicle types, and I think 100 cars started in China and drove the southern route into greece, then they took a ferry to Italy.

    It was a 10 part, 1 hour each series. Pretty cool. especially seeing a 1920 Mercedes model making the drive the whole way.
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    Peking to Paris, man that looks like an awful lot of Russia. I might start in St Petersburg.

    Cool idea. I always wanted to drive from Los Angeles up to Alaska.
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    I would love to do a trip from Prudhoe Bay AK, to Río Gallegos, Argentina on a motorcycle.

    thats probably a 12,000-13,000 highway mile journey.

    As long as you arent hijacked in central mexico or Coumbia, you should be able to do it by leaving AK in September and take 80-100 days to get into Argentina around January.
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    Yep. Taking the southern route has always been worrisome because of a couple of pretty bad areas. I may be too old to motorcycle the trip.

    Now you got me daydreaming about the open road. Sigh.
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    I've lost the thrill of the open road but there were a fewgood trips in years past. In 1979 we went from Antwerp to Instanbul. Thanks to our military IDs we picked up a tail in Bulgaria.
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    A friend of mine attempted to go around the world by himself on a bicycle. He started in Austin and made it to Azerbaijan. Right about then, Georgia and Russia went to war. The borders were tightened, his visas were about to expire, and he was sent home. He was more than halfway there.

    His website is still up at The Link.
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    I had to drive to Lubbock once.
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    How did I miss this and the obvious question? How in the world do you bicycle around the world? Isn't there water in the way along the route? It's like saying I'm just going to drive to Japan.
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