can't wait to the day we grade MLK this way as well

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  1. BrntOrngStmpeDe

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    I'm getting a little tired of organizatinos pushing to remove historical statues and flags that offend them. I'm very offended by the Whitehouse being 'rainbowed', but the president still did it.

    how about we hold the womanizing and cheating MLK up to the 'perfection' mirror that modern history demands? When will women start to demand that all MLK statues and shrines be taken down and removed because he was a philandering spouse?

    Wilson may not have been perfect, none of us is... but he was a product of his time.

    Applying today's standards to historical figures is ridiculous.
  2. Phil Elliott

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    I'd be happy if we just applied the standards you speak of to Bill Clinton.
  3. Crockett

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    Admiral Lord Nelson, Dwight Eisenhower, Catherine the Great, FDR, JFK, Mahatma Gandhi the Biblical King David and a few thousand other revered historical figures would be found wanting if we weighed them on a Puritan's scale of perfection.

    Alexander "the Great" and Julius Caesar have a lot more in common with Adolph Hitler than Mother Theresa.
    History is history and we can't leave the bad people out. We can however, use current values to decide whom we wish to revere.

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