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Discussion in 'Softball' started by stanhin, Aug 20, 2014.

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    Cat just completed perhaps the greatest regular season pitching performance in the history of women's softball. She was a perfect 16-0. Her E.R.A. was 0.56. (The next best was Monica Abbott at about twice that number.) Cat struck out 160 batters in 100 innings pitched. Of course, she won the Pitcher of the Year award. No contest.

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    She also starts tonight against the Pa Rebellion. 8PM on CBSSports network. Games are in Alabama, not sure if that is Central or Eastern time, but you all can look it up! [​IMG]
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    Another shutout. 5 innings; 2 hits; 7 K's.
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    Another win--8 inning, 2 hit, shut-out in a 1-0 victory in championship series. She is just ridiculously good.
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    I still love Cat.
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    Named MVP of championship series for second year in a row.

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