CDC: Please start looking for a new Basketball HC NOW!!

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Horn87, Dec 5, 2018 at 9:34 PM.

  1. Horn87

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    Shaka is NOT the answer----you have 4 months to get it done
  2. longhornlegend

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    Have you ever seen a more pathetic excuse for offense? We have whats rated as very good recruiting classes but almost zero production once they arrive. There is no movement on offense and I have to believe the design is just hang out around the 3 pt line and hope for an open shot. Its just one on one playground BS that hasnt worked in 3+ years. I will be here long after shaka is gone but its way past time. CDC, open your eyes.
  3. VulcanHorn

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    That had to be one of the most frustrating games I've ever attended. Team looks confused and indecisive on offense. Our free throw shooting is horrible. Our shot selection is terrible. And the atmosphere in the Drum reflects that.

    All while Rick Barnes and Tennessee sit at #5 in the nation.

    I have to agree, Shaka hasn't shown anything as far as progress goes. Turn on the seat warmers. The Hot Seat is warming up!
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  4. longhorn47

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    I wonder if Archie Miller would leave Indiana? I think his offense would match up well with this offense. BTW, is Andrew Jones ever going to see the court again?
  5. Win

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    The atmosphere at the Drum has been like that for years except when a big time schools comes in. Even then, it doesn't kick up until about 5 minutes left in the game.
  6. Htown77

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    Agree, except somehow Shaka has made the atmosphere worse, which I did not think was possible.
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  7. TxnByBirth

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    Bob Weltlich wants you to hold his beer.
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  8. VulcanHorn

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    The atmosphere now reminds me of what DKR used to be before CDC got rid of all the marketing crap. Every timeout there's a "contest" promoting free pizza, sandwiches, jewelry, etc. We all watch in true boredom while forgetting where we left off in the game at the timeout. Wouldn't be surprised if jetpack-man makes an appearance during halftime.
  9. Horn87

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    aw, Kaiser Bob!!! unfortunately during my tenure on the 40...
  10. SabreHorn

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    I'm sorry, is that the same coach whose starters lost by 40-50 points in the unauthorized game against the University Intramural Champions made up of football players, including Tony Jones (all 5'5" at PG). TE William Harris at C, Everett Gay, DB Steven Braggs, and a few others who escape my memory?

  11. blonthang

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    I remember an article with interview excerpts within it in the Alcalde shortly after Kaiser Bob came to the 40 Acres.

    Remember, it was a time of SWC being a fairly good, though perhaps overlooked basketball conference, what with Phi Slamma Jamma echos in Houston, Sutton coaching at piggy, IIRC aggy and SMU put some decent teams on the hardwood, and of course Texas had just fired Abe Lemons, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many Longhorn BB fans (myself included).

    Abe started out at Texas by taking over Leon Black's leftovers, adding a couple and in a couple of years got Texas an NIT championship (back when it kind of still meant something; I don't think the SWC got more than its champion into the NCAAs, I think still at 32 teams). Abe took what he could get playerwise, adapting his style to match the talent who signed on.

    After getting the ball rolling, he finally got what he needed, what Al Maguire commented on during a Texas game doing color: "What Abe needs is a couple of 'aircraft carriers' to go with his outside shooters." What he meant was a couple of bigs; viola! Mike Wacker (a Texan, his father TCU's football HC) and LaSalle Thompson (from St. Louis!). Both were 6'10"+ and quick and smart, and Thompson particularly looked like he was chiseled out of granite. Most of us know how that collapsed after Wacker's knee was wrecked due to the crappy tartan surface and poor lighting at Baylor's court, ending Wacker's career. This around early mid-season, Texas was undefeated, somewhere around 12-0 and top 5, unheard of in Austin.

    The point was that once Lemons got the 'aircraft carriers' he modified his run and gun style that he used early on at Texas (with Johnny 'Junior' Moore and Jim Krivaks at point, and Branyon and Baxter as guards and Goodner at post, none really expected to be NBA bound (funny thing, Moore's "00" jersey hangs as a jersey retired by the Spurs, was all-time leader in assists there when hanging it up)).

    Back to Kaiser Bob and that Alcalde article. Weltlich made a specific point, apparently targeted at Lemons (probably to suck up to Dodds who Lemons sparred with frequently and strongly), something like: "Well, there are some coaches who just go out and get the best players they can recruit, then mold the team's offensive and defensive approach upon those skills. We are going to do it differently. We will have a way to do things, then go out and get the players who match our philosophy."

    I remember thinking to myself "I couldn't imagine DKR telling Worster, Koy, Bertleson, and Bradley, 'Thanks, but no thanks, we run a flip-flop T offense using one feature back at a time; good luck.'"

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  12. AYMan

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    aint happening. fully guaranteed through 2023 thanks to minor league AD perrin.
    it's still a $13m buyout after this year.
  13. caryhorn

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    Just watched parts of the replay of the VCU game. So bad. The last shot was the craziest choice. Shaka wants Coleman to shoot the 3 which may be his (as well as the team's) weakest shot. The shot is made with no time left; so no time to rebound and get a second chance. Bad.

    Finally, VCU shot 28% from the field for the game. That is awful. If the Horns can't beat a team at home that shoots 28%, who can they beat?
  14. Horn87

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    where is that 1984 team made up of intramural players???? they would represent us better than this current crop...
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