Challenge USC this weekend!!

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by numerouno, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. numerouno

    numerouno < 25 Posts

    How bout this for a pie in the sky idea...

    Call Pete Carroll, and challenge USC to a game this weekend..

    both teams are off...

    flip a coin to see which stadium you play at..

    proceeds go to Charity..

    Winner will get massive strength of schedule boost & influence tons of voters (and of course leapfrog OU)..

    loser is in the same boat they're in now..

    and just for kicks.. schedule it the exact same time as the Big 12 champ game... haha

    comeone Deloss, make it happen
  2. KingBobo81

    KingBobo81 250+ Posts

    Not to be a party pooper on your fantasy, but USC is playing UCLA this weekend.
  3. TexasGolf

    TexasGolf 2,500+ Posts

    They have UCLA
  4. stormhorn

    stormhorn 250+ Posts

    I'm sure UCLA wouldn't mind stepping aside. [​IMG]
  5. Pentaconta

    Pentaconta 1,000+ Posts

    Penn State is available this weekend. And for all our ragging on the Big Televen, at least they don't have this stupid conference championship game ******** that the Big XII has.

    I say we give JoePa a call...
  6. UTforLyfe

    UTforLyfe 25+ Posts

    Why not challenge them to a duel instead [​IMG]

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