Chance of Football in 2020

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by AC, Jul 8, 2020.

  1. SabreHorn

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    When is the conference opener?
  2. Pomspoms

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    Does fall practice start this week?
  3. ViperHorn

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    If they keep the conference schedule as currently published 03 October in Manhattan, KS.
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  4. AC

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    Guess this means I don’t have to buy a 3 wheeler and drag Raw meat past a trailer park. Remember that from a few months ago. I thought we would get some kind of season in. I’m relieved! I think I bit off more than I could chew on that bet. I would have done it and filmed it!
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  5. mchammer

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    Covid deaths will be lost in the noise of total deaths by then.
  6. RainH2burntO

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  7. Joe Fan

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    We have 5 sports working out on campus now
    So far, zero positives
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  8. mchammer

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  9. mchammer

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    Seems like CA delayed their games prematurely:

  10. Chinstrap

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    I have the upmost respect for Del Conte and I am grateful that he is at Texas. And asking season ticket holders to get on board by donating part of their 2020 payments is a request for admirable behavior. However, asking on behalf of "providing our nearly 600 student athletes with the opportunities, experiences and resources that we pride ourselves in delivering" cuts to the bone in light of recent demands from some of these very student athletes. I personally think that these athletes need to find out what it is like to not have all the benefits that they get from the school. One can say that this is a small minority of athletes. OK. But if a minority are causing strife and risking the benefits of the other athletes, it is time for the rest to stand up to the misfits, or live with fallout.

    You can only clean up a bad neighborhood, ghetto, from within, and that probably goes for athletic programs at places like UT. Go along to get along and you suffer the consequences.
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  11. Joe Fan

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    Unofficial so far, but ....
    Camp starts Friday
    Helmets only Friday and Saturday
    Helmets and pads Sunday
    Monday off
    Full pads Weds
    First scrimmage Aug 15
  12. Joe Fan

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    Austin mayor no likey

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  13. Creek

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    What we are going to see is that, starters and backup are going to get tested positive...and then will not be able to play. If that happens to Ehlinger then we are screwed.
    I guess part of the game for schools will be to protect their starters through ingenious methods. Whoever can do this the best has a chance to win a national championship.. I am sure when the season goes on, that testing across traditional cheating schools like aTm, OU, Auburn, will fall off or the tests will be delayed or the results will be lost.
    I am sure "Testinggate" will happen- mark it

    Perhaps for Ehlinger we can keep him in bubble wrap or in cold storage until game time or isolate him on the ranch where Bevo lives until game day-lol?
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  14. ViperHorn

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    The campus is on state property so his vote may not count.
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  15. HalRex

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    Interesting. The ongoing ‘rona infection rate playing a meaningful role - hadn’t even considered that.
  16. mchammer

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    I suggested over the summer for the starters to get the virus on purpose. My guess is that they are 80% infected anyway (most are asymptomatic).
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  17. Joe Fan

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    The Mid-American Conf had to cancel its fall football season mainly because Power 5’s cut non-conference games. Which probably means all their sports. Although they say they will try for a spring football season which probably means they think they can interest a network in a contract for that
  18. Joe Fan

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  19. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I posted this over on the west mall corona virus thread, but is appropriate here too. Austin and many liberal cities (including where I live in Taylor) shut down all parks for the summer because "playing sports will spread covid". Well I call BS again on all of this. Little Hitler needs to STFU and let Austin get back to life.

    Study sample of covid positive results for summer elite travel softball. I'm citing this for all the folks wanting to shut down any competition. This included 77 top travel teams from across the country starting in June until this week. These teams play about every other weekend in tournaments across the country with 30-40 teams in each age group playing a minimum of five games and up to about 10 games each weekend.
    The results include over 1,000 players and over 2,000 other family members playing/attending over 2,000 games against about 500 other teams thru the summer.

    There were confirmed 3 total players test positive and 4 total family members test positive with zero games cancelled.

    I attended tournaments all summer long and there was a mix of masks/no masks and social distancing. I would have thought numbers would have been significantly higher based on what I saw.
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  20. SabreHorn

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    If Taylor has gone liberal, I give up, this country is lost.
  21. Galvestonhorn

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    Well Sabre, Taylor ducks can’t beat a poot.
  22. BevoJoe

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  23. Badass

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    Ruh rho ...
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  24. RainH2burntO

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    D U M B
  25. HornHuskerDad

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    As a matter of side interest, the Mountain West Conference has announced a ten-game schedule for its members (including my alma mater, USAFA). They will play 8 conference games and can play up to two games out-of-conference. I haven't seen a firm plan on the USAFA Athletic Dept website yet, but i assume the two o-o-c games will be Army and Navy.
    The preseason favorite in the MWC is (as usual) Boise State. The Falcons were scheduled to host Boise State on12 Sep - that will be rescheduled, as the MWC will start football not earlier than 26 Sep. Last year USAFA lost to Boise State to finish second in the division. Sure would be nice to beat the Broncs every now and then!
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  26. SabreHorn

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    Of course, it's edurats ruling on athletics, a subject about which they have no clue. Nothing good can come of that.
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  27. SabreHorn

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    the Mountain West Conference has announced a ten-game schedule

    OH NO! That means their best referees will be there instead of the Big XII, What will we do for total incompetence?
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  28. Joe Fan

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  29. SabreHorn

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    People really pay these cretins for this crap?
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  30. mchammer

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    Cases are surging in MN, WI, IN, but crested recently in OH. I suspect these morons can’t think independently to see what’s happening with cases in the NE and Sunbelt.

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