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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by I35, Feb 4, 2015.

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    Can you imagine how well he will do in recruiting when he has our team results from the previous year to back the pitch. It's hard to sell recruits you're taking a team in the right direction when your last two games of the season were blowout losses. This guy did nothing short of a miracle this recruiting season. We are getting players and juco transfers to help change our results and next years recruiting class may be even better. I believe in Charlie! [​IMG]
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    Preach on, brother! [​IMG]
  3. 22 HORN

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    Great can anyone find fault with this effort?

    Irvin decommit may be a blessing!
    Most out of state recruits than I can remember
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    There is a lot of great talent coming in but we still have to be patient while Strong gets his guys in place. Half of 2015's 85 man roster will be made up of folks who have never played a snap of major college football. (Last year's redshirt plus this year's signees)

    But there is some serious talent coming in. Lots of ballers among the LB, DBs,RB, WRs who are potential special teams demons. Should see immediate improvement in kick/punt coverage with greater liklihood of FG and punt blocking.
    Graduating Ship and Quandre, I'm a little less optimistic about immediate gains in the punt/ kick return game.
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    ON the kick return side, one of the assets of a lot of these young athletic guys is that this is probably where they're going to play early on. It seems pretty clear that for whatever reason, our coverage and return teams have been seriously lacking, and I suspect a lack of quality depth might be part of the problem there.
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    Newsome is supposed to be an excellent returner.
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    Strong brought UT a great day today.
  9. cmtsip

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    Great job by Strong and his staff. Crazy fun to watch it all unfold! [​IMG]
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    He deserves a vacation. He worked it very hard. [​IMG]
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    I call him Flipper.

    Respectfully, of course.
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    Call him Flipster = Flip+Master

    Charlie Flipster Strong.
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    I can't wait to see these guys in action. Some of them are going to jump off the page, so to speak, like Ricky or Derrick did. I believe that the 2015 season, while certainly challenging, will also be very exciting.

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