Charlie Strong Women's Clinic

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by TheWalkingHorn, Jun 2, 2015.

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    Texanne could coach at the clinic. Check with her, maybe you two could ride together.:coolnana:
  3. NBHorn7

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    Worsterman and snek could go like this and they could ride together.

    Snek could do some undercover slithering and do some local princess searching.
    Stop looking at Worster like that, snek, he is no princess.

    It's all perfectly normal, maybe. :smile1:

    Which is which, is snek the blonde?

  4. snek

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    Take photos of any Russian Comradettes and Latina Senoritas (that are single) as rumor has it they are my type. I can serenade, order for them off the menu and engage in spirited games of Bocce Ball.
  5. snek

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    No, NB, he most certainly is NOT.

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