Chip Brown's take on coaching staff

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by jackden, Nov 29, 2010.

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    I want Norm Chow as our next OC. His pro-style attack would get Stoops scared.
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    The Cleve Bryant angle---VERY interesting.
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    I think his take on Cleve is telling. With Rucker, we don't seem to have any discipline problems. McGee never getting another snap seemed to solve that.

    But we also didn't seem to "gel" as a team, especially the upperclassmen with the underclassmen. I know there's a natural separation between those players, but this isn't high school. Without an "enforcer" guy, I think the cliques got a little out of control this year to the point where no one had each other's back.
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    GD isnt going anywhere except to flush the offense down the toilet.
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    Chip Brown's regular little performances are eminently ignorable, including the one in the OP's link. But since he has gained a disturbing following among the fanbase, a few comments follow.

    Brown opens by opining "now that UT is moving away from the shotgun option runs that helped deliver two conference titles, a national title and a shot at another national title."

    Let’s take that apart, piece by piece.

    By Brown's standards, this fabrication is very minor, but it is of some interest nonetheless. He seldomly actually watches the games, and apparently makes his opinions out of collages of a few half-informed posters, as evident by this absurd claim. Those "shotgun option runs" were almost completely non-existent when Colt McCoy was an upperclassmen, which was when the Horns were very good with him as the QB. It's quite true that Texas did use the speed option, but it was about as regular as a pass play in the wishbone. He uses that phrase as if to imply it was the staple of the Horns' rushing offense. It wasn't, and the zone read was even less so. The only correct part in that sentence was the the run game was option-based in 2005.

    Brown then slips in a rather irrelevant anecdote that reads "Muschamp was at Georgia in the early 1990s as a safety under then-UGA coach Ray Goff, when Davis was calling plays on offense for the Bulldogs. The two have known each other for years and have great respect for each other."

    First of all, Muschamp was a senior when Davis was dubiously hired by Georgia in 1994. That's one season, folks. Furthermore, it's hardly relevant. At the press conference in which Mack Brown announced Will Muschamp was to be his successor, Muschamp was asked about his offensive philosophy. He said "I don't really like what we do as far as attacking the field." There have also been an array of reports that they do not see eye to eye, and that Muschamp is not alone within the staff on this matter.

    Brown then slips in another assertion of very questionable veracity. He says "But the bigger picture question is - for what Texas appears to want to do, which is move toward an offense more like Alabama and Stanford - then is Davis the right guy to direct things?"

    His evidence for this is very unbecoming for a so-called columnist. He says that "all of the quarterbacks in the pipeline, from Gilbert to Connor Wood to David Ash says pocket quarterback." It's very difficult to conclude that the recruitment of those three "has screamed that UT is headed back to trying to be a run-first offense with play-action passing," because if one looks at the rather extensive video evidence that's regularly available on websites like Rivals and YouTube, one sees that Ash, Wood, and Gilbert all played in shotgun spread offenses in HS. Whether Brown has been paying attention is irrelevant, because competent observers have. The offenses that Davis uses have been, more or less, half assed adaptations of his QB's HS offenses (sans 1998, but that was because they had an imminent legend at RB in their possession). Chris Simms played in an offense in HS similar to the one we saw from 2001-2002, Vince Young played in an offense in HS similar to the one we saw from the Tech game in 2004 until the USC game, Colt McCoy played in an offense in HS similar to the one we saw from the 2008 OU game until the Alabama game. Does anyone see a pattern? Brown obviously doesn't, but that's his failing.

    He then punctuates his silly conclusion by throwing in "and Malcolm Brown is a downhill running back" as if that had the slightest relevance. First of all, the fact that he's a "downhill running back" hardly concludes anything. There've been numerous so-called "downhill running backs" that have been recruited by Mack Brown and Greg Davis, yet they've persisted in using one or another variation of his half-assed zone scheme, very often without a fullback in the game in favor of a 3rd WR. Cedric Benson played in an offense that was very dominated by 3WR sets in his first 2 years, and in the shotgun in his last 2 years. But he was seen as a downhill Emmitt Smith-type. No one ever confused him for Barry Sanders. Furthermore, not all spread RB are Barry Sanderses. That's just the thing. Spread offenses do not demand one particular type of RB. Brown's problem is that he thinks all spread offenses are the same. He thinks every spread team runs the option, and thus needs an option QB to run it and a slasher/speedster at RB. Such thinking is laughable. It's also rather insulting for any reader, because we're talking about a fanbase that watched Texas play against a Mike Leach offense for 10 years.

    He then throws in another oft repeated cliche within Longhorn internetdom. He says "I think Greg Davis is a GREAT teacher of offense. He's a GREAT quarterbacks coach." Brown is obviously not very bright because if he were, he'd understand that GD is not a great teacher of offense, and he is not a great quarterbacks coach. There's a lot to be said for the failures of the predictability in the blocking scheme, but you'll also notice other things in the passing game that are every bit as problematic as the run game. Does anyone here know why Greg Davis' WR screen game is a heaping pile of ****? There's actually 2 reasons. Some people think it's just 1. Some people think it's just "the other team knows it's coming whenever they line their coverage up in a favorable looking way." Well yeah, it is, but even that could be at least somewhat mitigated by the fact that it takes the QB's forever to actually throw the pass. Does anyone here remember when Chris Simms was throwing them from under center? He would take 5-6 spastic baby steps while staring at the intended WR the whole time and then would give it a rather soft throw. That's coaching, folks. That ain't just the player.

    At the end of the day, unfortunately, this article proves yet again what serious people have been saying for years: when it comes to football, Chip Brown doesn't know his *** from a hole in the ground.
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    Say what you want about Muschamp and his defense giving up too many big plays. That all happened. But Muschamp takes accountability for every last detail of his mistakes. I still trust Muschamp to get things fixed. I don't know what I trust about this offense going forward.
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    His praise of Davis is a statement to his credibility. By Mack's own admission, it's the coaching. Hope changes are on the way.
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    You are very analytical, aren't ya HP?! Like it!!
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    It would be impossible for Chip Brown to come across as a bigger vagina than he did in that article? Passive aggressive criticism combined with a cheerleader's insight to football. We are all a little worse off for reading that nonsense.
    With all due respect to Norm Chow and his past crazy success, he's a lazy choice. Maybe at another earlier time in the MB era, but Texas can find !nd land a better choice.
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    Totally agree with Hpslugga. Also, note that Norm Chow just signed a contract extension with UCLA. I will not address Chip Brown's comments about Gilbert being an offensive leader.

    I have seen Malcom Brown play 3 games this year. I arrived at least 45 minutes early because I enjoy watching pregame warmups. Malcolm Brown is not a rah-rah type of player. He is very, very focused during warmups and during the game. He has maturity beyond his years. The only time I saw him show emotion was after his 95 yard run against SA Roosevelt in round 1 of the playoffs. When he got to the bench, he took off his helmet and had a big smile. Malcom Brown will be a leader by work ethic and performance, but vocally I do not think so. When he announced his decision to come to Texas, instead of having the TV cameras and media at the school, he merely called them on the phone. He spoke very briefly and excused himself because he was going to be late to his pre-calculus class.

    For Chip Brown to insinuate that Malcom Brown will be an offensive team leader as a freshman, draw your own conclusions.
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    First of all, GD is gone. We will have a new OC and a new OL coach. Mack may not like it, but I am sure he can see the writing on the wall.

    Secondly, going after the 'Bama OC is not a bad idea. I think everyone wants Holgerson, but I'm afraid he is looking for a HC job. Even if he does take the OC job here, it will only be a short term solution.

    Malzahn is in the same boat. He might run from Auburn to escape the impending sanctions resulting from the Cam Newton investigation, but we would be back on the market looking for an OC in a year or two.

    Thirdly, Gilbert will be the starting QB when this team hits the field in 2011. He will also be much improved...
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    If Greg Davis isn't a good QB coach, why do most of our QBs make such big strides in development while here?
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    Remember when many were calling for VY to be moved to WR? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I miss the days when Madden was the consensus goat.

    Good times. Good times
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    Let's not get all aggy on this. Why would the OC at Alabama or any major school (except Auburn) want to come to Texas if they are happy where they are? This is just like aggy's list of past NFL coaches who are dying to coach aggy.

    In Auburn's case the deal has to play out to see who knew what and when they knew it. We know two Mississippi State coaches were approached. Who is to say Auburn coaches were not approached? The last thing Texas needs right now is a new hire OC with NCAA baggage.
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    While a spread offense may suit Gilbert better, he seems to have accuracy issues combined with the fact that he rarely makes it past his 2nd read. I think it hurt not having a big time RB in the backfield to take pressure off of him. I know that sounds like directly from the coaches but it is true.

    I do agree with Chip that the team needs new blood in the offensive coaching staff. If that is Applewhite or a new OC I am all for it. Davis isn't going to be there for that much longer anyways with Mack looking to make his departure and they might as well let Muschamp help pick the next guy now.

    I do not agree that Bryant's absense is causing all the lack of discipline. As mentioned it has more to do with Mack not pulling guys off the field after repeated mistakes. They are babied and clapped at when they make mistakes. They are treated like 6th graders who you need to give a boost of confidence to vs. a college player who simply needs a kick in the ***. Mack got very tough on Colt around his sophomore season and it pushed Colt to work out and get stronger. Colt became a leader and he lived up to Mack's expectations in 2008. I have not seen Mack put that kind of scrutiny on Gilbert. The discipline should come from Mack down and that just isn't happening. He has been tougher in the past such as in 2004 I believe when he said he would overrule the plays Davis sent in if he didn't agree with them......or when he opened up all positions after the 2007 season......or when he told McCoy at Big 12 media days that he needed a QB that wouldn't get hurt. We need that old Mack back.
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    my sources/friends inside the program concur with what slugga says. there is apparently a rift between the "young guns" and the "old guys" on this staff. chip is obviously tiptoeing in order to not upset the folks at belmont. i think he is also trying to avoid too much criticism of gd in the event that gd remains the oc.
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    Davis is gone. 5-7 years require a sacrifice, even from Mack. Davis is the only one who will satisfy the big cigars who have tolerated him for years and wanted him gone after the 2004 OU debacle and VY saved his *** by Mack's own admission by getting Davis out of his way.

    the names mentioned do nothing for me as his replacement. What I want is Major to get the job and to hire Oregon's OL coach. Even out of the spread, Oregon's line play is in your face and drives you off the ball. Nevada's OL coach would be fine for me as well. Hell, Nevada's offensive line ran more pulls and traps from their line in the Boise game than we did all year. This is where we throw around some of ESPN's money and get a great OL line who can generate a running game out of the spread. Screw this under center I formation crap. The spread isn't the problem it is the moronic game plans that Davis has put together. If you haven't noticed practically every major HS program is running spread in this state and that is what the talent understands. We shouldn't buck the trend.

    Major knows our playbook and can make the revisions without a complete gutting of the system. All of the needed plays to attack the field are in there, Davis just doesn't use them. Major has proven to be a solid playcaller when given the chance and I think that he should get it here.
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    You guys can blame Garrett Gilbert's awful play on whoever you want. The bottom line is that he was not very good this year. His stats prove it and his record proves it. You cannot message those numbers.

    I don't know if Garrett will be any better next year. To claim otherwise is just guess work at best, pure speculation. I don't mind giving him another opportunity, but if he starts to play as bad as he has in some of the games we have seen him in, he can, and will be replaced.

    It is not just coaches asses on the line here. Players are going to have to earn their keep too.
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    If there had been a bit more imagery used in Chip's article, I would have sworn it was actually written by Bill Little. What a puff piece. Cleve's 'distraction' to the team?? Seriously?? Yet Auburn has managed to mow down the toughest conference in the country in the midst of CamGate.

    I can't wait to read the next article Belmont asks Chip to write for them.
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    All you have to know about GD's game planning and play calling is to watch the KSU game. KSU comes in the game with one of the worst run D in CFB. Gilbert passes 59 times. This is the same KSU run D that gave up 161 yards rushing to North TX State in the first quarter and 298 yards for the game. This folks is the definition of incompetence. GD did the same damn thing in Big XII Championship game against CU. No way GD should be coaching at Texas. [​IMG] If you are defending him, then you just don't get it.
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    You are going to tell me that Macks man-secretary getting caught with his pants down is why we panicked and threw the ball every down against the worst run defenses in the country?

    If Mack Brown thinks the fans are that stupid we should just go ahead and give him two in the head while we can still recover.

    The players dont give a **** about Cleve Bryant.

    And I bet we made GG take more snaps from under center this year than he did his entire star studded career in HS. That makes a ton of sense.

    This was just an epic fail all around and a lot of heads must roll. We really cannot be a lot worse so I say go for it.

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