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    Thanks. Nice analysis.
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    Davis made the intra-conference transfer for Memphis for his extra year. Kind of interesting... the Penny Hardaway and Larry Brown angle is hard to deny. He probably won't win the Wooden Award at the end of the season, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's in the conversation. He's probably going to average 20 and 7 for them.

    Carr stays with us, so overall it's a W at that position. I just hope he isn't relied upon to be the sole distributor.

    Best available guards:
    Tyrese Hunter - ISU - It's kind of a no-brainer because of what we've seen from him in the flesh. He was solid both time we played ISU this year, especially at getting passes to wide open guys. His 3-point shot is bad, but that hasn't really been our strong suit anyhow.

    Jermaine Couisnard - South Carolina - He's a terrible shooter but kind of makes up for it with effort. Gets to the FT line, makes assists, plays good D. He could easily take Askew's minutes and then some.

    Xavier Pinson - Mizzou then LSU - Elevated his game at LSU. He went from a combo guard who was relied upon to make his own shot selection to more of a PG who doubled his assist rate. Great FT shooter for those tight end-of-game situations. He'd only be a 1-season rental.

    Adam Miller - Illinois then LSU - kind of wary to rank him higher even though he seems like the best available athlete. Started every game as a true freshman for the Illini. Eats up minutes. Can score but wouldn't be asked to do that much for us.
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