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Discussion in 'On The Road Again' started by Jellydonuts, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Jellydonuts

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    In summary, Mrs. Jelly is a cheeseburger freak. Several weeks ago she was down in San Antonio and came across a place called Chris Madrids. Consequently, we will be spending this weekend in San Antonio for the sole purpose of getting her this cheeseburger again. Can anyone shed some light on what I should expect or provide ordering advice. Frankly I am a little suprised about her obsession with this place, as she tells me they have thin patties and she has always been insistent that her burgers be thick and cooked bloody rare. I am a Casino El Camino man, so I will interested in the comparison.
  2. bigup2dahorns

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    best burger in texas, that's what you can expect
  3. Upgrayedd

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    We went a few weeks ago on the basis of HF recommendations. It's very good, but I think "best burger in Texas" is a stretch.
  4. midtown

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    Easily the best burger in Texas.
  5. TheFied

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    Chris Madrids is the best burger in the state. Period. Now although the burger is the best in the state, you might need an angioplasty right afterwards. But well worth it.

    And Chris Madrid is a Texas Ex. Check out their website.
  6. Spankytoes

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    They are good, but I've had better.

    It's in an area where you would least expect to find a good burger joint. Lots of residential streets to turn down. Also a lot of construction in the area. Parking is shady considering the area.

    I went for the first time a few months ago. You have to follow the crowd to figure out how to order. They offer a macho burger that I recommend. (Thicker patty) I had the Tostada burger which was pretty decent. The cheese is good, but it's really just an average slab of meat. Bun is greasy.

    The fries are just ok. Natural cut and a little dry. The resteraunt looks more like a BBQ joint inside with a patio.

    It's worth it to say that you've been there, but don't get your expectaions up too much. I thought that I'd be floored with all of the hype, but it was more of a novelty act than anything.

    Chris Madrids
  7. Jive_Turkey

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    The boys at The Ticket were singing its praises last week when they were in San Antonio for Cowboys training camp. They went there a few times.
  8. pike

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    tostada burger and meat nachos with japs rule all!!!!!!

    Blanco is one way due to construction by the restaurant so you will have double back through the adjoining neighborhood if you are coming from 281/hildebrand.
  9. midtown

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    All food is subjective. Some people are going to bash Madrids mostly because its in a non hip town but I'd put madrids up against corner bistro and pj clarke's any day.
  10. utexas_61

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    i wish my san antonio friends would take me there one day
  11. hornian

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    Chris Madrid's is great. The Macho Tostada burger is one of the best burgers I've ever had.

    But Casino El Camino is a better burger, and it's right up the road in Austin, so it can't be the best in the state.

    Thread on Casino
  12. dendox

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    In San Antonio I prefer Timbo's...however, madrids is very good. The yellow submariner from timbo's will also require angioplasty - but DAMN it is sure good.
  13. po elvis

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    get the macho cheddar cheezy. the cheese makes the burger. it is covered with the stuff. maybe there is a better burger somewhere around, but i don't really need to go searching for it. this one is good enough.
  14. idigTexas

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    I've always held the opinion that Chris Madrid's is overrated. It is good, but not necessarily the way I like my burger. I can get something every bit as good at Flips, and not have to deal with the insanity.

    My favorite in SA used to be the Piggy Piggy at Tycoon Flats. Alas they didn't make it. I then took a fancy to Hoover's, but it was difficult to get the burger with so many other options, and alas, the SA location didn't survive anyway.

    I've tried Timbo's, but didn't find it to be anything special. Chester's will still do in a pinch, and actually, the burger at Maddog's has a lot of potential (I prefer grilled over griddled).
  15. utexas_61

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  16. Sii

    Sii 1,000+ Posts

    Chris Madris is without a doubt the best burger in Texas

    Casino is good but its no Madrids
  17. Lat22

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    I'm a Macho Cheddar Cheezy man myself.
  18. El_Guapo

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    This a longtime Austin resident and Casino aficionado considers Chris Madrid's cheddar cheezy the best burger I have ever had.
  19. NickDanger

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    I probably had my first order of macho nachos and a macho tostado in '77 or '78. I may have had my last in '06. I loved it, but it made me feel like I had killed myself.

    Back when he started, Chris was a find of the Trinity students and he had about 4 "tables" that were really old spools for electric cable and metal card table chairs. The area where they actually take orders now was not part of the original building. The "door" or opening where they send the orders in was the entrance to the kitchen as it is now, but you ordered through windows where the menu is posted now. In short, there was no "inside" for the patrons. He has hodgepodged together a much larger space and bought out the neighbors who hated the crowds so much. The bar area was a complete different business. Maybe a muffler shop or something. It hasn't changed much recently, but the menu and the food have not changed since day one.

    Carlos was probably in junior high when Chris opened his burger shack.

    I think one thing is indisputable about Chris Madrid's. Some people like it very much.
  20. Jive_Turkey

    Jive_Turkey 1,000+ Posts

    I'm going to San Antonio for a wedding in October (not Texas/OU weekend, thankfully). I will make it a point to try Chris Madrid's. As hyped up as it has been, I will probably be disappointed. But who knows. It could pull an "OK Computer" on me and actually exceed the hype.
  21. blkshoes

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    sa is actually a pretty good burger town. luckily i tried tycoon flats and lil hipps before they closed. now, theres bigz, momacs, cheesy janes, bobby j's, etc. have not tried timbos, but think i will this weekend.
  22. Brak

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    I was introduced to Chris Madrid's when I moved to SA from Austin over 10 years ago. It really is a special place. Part of what makes it special is that it's in a ramshackle building that has been expanded over the years, not on a major highway, in fact it is in almost hidden in a neighborhood and the burgers are very, very good.

    Coincidentally, the SA Express News ran an article about Chris just a few days ago. Coming from Austin, the only comparable place would be Dirty's but I'd have to say that Chris Madrid's is better.
  23. seb44

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    Could someone tell me what I missed when I went to Dirty's back in June. I ordered a Cheesebrger with tator tots and an iced tea. The hamburger and the tator tots did not even fill the basket they came in. There was maybe 10 tator tots in the basket. By the time i tipped the waiter I was out $10.00.
    A Sonic burger and tots would have put it to shame for a lot less money.
  24. Phil Hellmuth

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    I haven't been to Dirty's in 3 years. Costs way too much and there are much better options in Austin. I guess if I lived in Villas and had no car I would've eaten there more.
  25. TheFied

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    Don't forget Chesters.
  26. Jellydonuts

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    "Coming from Austin, the only comparable place would be Dirty's but I'd have to say that Chris Madrid's is better. "

    I sure hope it is better than Dirty's or Mrs. Jellydonuts will have some splaining to do. I just checked out the menu and will be trying the Macho Flaming Jalapeno with Cheddar. The menu indicates mustard, but I assume I can get mayo. I know that we can debate all day which is the best burger, but I think we can all agree that only an idiot would choose mustard over mayo.
  27. Brak

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  28. Brak

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  29. rhorn27

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    If you want to get the burger Madrid's is famous for, order the Macho Tostada. Add some salsa, japs. CANNOT BE BEAT!!

    The article was posted in SAEN a couple of days ago. It can be read here:

    The Link

    If you read the whole article, he references a couple of families that have been going for years. One of those families is mine, so, to be fair I'm a little biased. Still, I converted many burger eaters over the years.

    At the end of the day, Chris is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, a great Horn, and a good dad. It's hard not to like his burger just based on those facts.
  30. SubliminalHorn

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    I haven't been to CM's in years, but it is my favorite burger that I've had anywhere.

    You won't be disappointed.

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