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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by horn4jc, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. horn4jc

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    Based on what I saw at the Orange and White game, I think he's staying at running back. He had some good runs and he and Fozzy were the most impressive overall of the backs. On one run he threw down Adrian White ala Earl Campbell. I like his running style and think he will have a good shot of being a good back.

  2. stanhin

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    Like Big Earl, he carries a lot of his weight in his thighs. Looked good to me.
  3. glenn

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    i thought he looked good, too. he's not going to make his own hole, and he's not going to slip through creases, but when he has some room to work, he's a marauder.
  4. Maduka

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    He ran with power and force. He had good burst into the hole too. I liked what I saw, I think Rice will get a heavy dose of the big freshman...
  5. adUTleander

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    Call me crazy, but i woudnt be surprised if he is our starting rb either by the end of the season or at the beginning of 2011. He looked like a monster out there, and he has alot more speed than i thought.
  6. tamster

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    agree, he seems to be able to get around the corner at times, but doesn't seem to be able to make people miss in the hole or around the LOS. enough of a burst, but we'll see how he develops.

  7. stanhin

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  8. horn4jc

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    I just read Mack's post scrimmage quotes and he did mentioned that he wants Whaley to lose some weight. I hope he takes care of that between now and when training camp starts.
  9. LonghornCatholic

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    I didn't want to say, but I thought he was a little slow.
    Tough, but a wee bit slow. He will fit right in though [​IMG]
  10. bevaux

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    Coaches want him to lose 20-25 lbs before summer practices begin. I believe that will help his speed, but he has a very nice first step and exceptional burst for 240.
  11. RomaVicta

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    I'm with Longhorn Catholic on this one. Don't want to be a wet blanket, but his speed was reminiscent of Javorskie Lane. He also seems to run sort of high. Any comparison to Big Earl is absurd. I went to school the same years as Campbell and Vince Young is the only Longhorn I've ever seen who I would pick ahead of Campbell when starting a team of Longhorns.

    That said, I see potential in Whaley and think Mack is right on the money. Earl himself became a deadly break away runner when he dropped about fifteen pounds after his injury plagued junior year. Mentioning Earl makes me think Whaley could learn from watching the great Campbell's tapes from his senior year.
  12. texascoder

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  13. Black Ninja

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    I think he's faster than Jovorskie Lane.
  14. blackbelthorn

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    Hey Roma,

    I agree that the lighthearted attempts to compare Whaley to Earl are a bit premature. Earl was incredible and I found it hard to even compare Ricky to Earl. IMO, I wouldn't pick Vince over Earl but it would be close. I'd pick Vince's team over Earl's.

    I haven't seen Whaley run but if he runs upright, can't get the angle in the hole to slip a tackle, then he's not much like Earl yet. We are always looking for the "next great back" and I think we've found a very good one in Tre. He's a very good back that needs more carries and I think he's got great potential from that position. I think he can do the damage and provide the potential threat at running back that keeps the Defense from focusing on the receiving.

    Not being able to get out to practices, I do appreciate the input from the guys scouting the fields and I look forward to more input.

    Thanks again, [​IMG]
  15. Texas Jack

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    Some stutter stepping at the line...

    Just hoping we don't have another 250+ pound RB with delusions of home run grandeur. We'll see in the fall, for now Fozzy is the starter.
  16. Black Ninja

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    Not if he's injured again.
  17. LonghornCatholic

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    A Fish named Whaley [​IMG]
  18. HI_McDunnough

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    Whaley weighs 159 pounds, not 240. He needs to lose 25 pounds. That would allow him to increase speed and still maintain power.
  19. hornpharmd

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    From what I saw he doesn't have a burst like Cedric had. He is effective on the outside when he gets a few steps of momentum going. I think he has a place and can easily get 5-7 carries a game. From there who knows.
  20. horns58

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    He weighs about 259 lbs at this time, according to Mack. link
  21. WTHorn

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  22. GHoward

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    It was strange that many of his yards came on outside runs. I didn't think he had the speed to get outside, but I guess he just has to be faster than the linebackers. I think the coaches like the chances of him 1-1 against a DB. He pretty much destroyed Adrian White, although credit it White, he put his nose in there, and they both ended up on the ground.
    I think the main thing with Whaley and the new running game is it should eliminate negative yard runs. Even if he gets hit at the LOS Whaley should be able to fall for 2-3 yards.
  23. orangebones

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    dude is humongous. people keep saying that he doesn't look 260, but geez, he looks like freaking sam acho.

    that said, if he can drop 25, he will be a holy terror of a genetic anomaly at running back. if he can't, he'll be backing up barrett matthews at h-back.
  24. rosevilleblock

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    Chris Whaley had a whole year to get his weight down! What makes yall think that he's going to do it in 5 months?
  25. horn4jc

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    I hope he pays strict attention to the team dietician. Losing weight is sometimes easier said than done especially when you have Gattis buffett, Dirtys, Players, etc not too far from campus. I myself have been trying to lose a few pounds and consider fast food a mortal enemy and hope he does that.

    That said, if he can drop those pounds and get a quicker burst, he will be a beast considering he had a good game in his present condition.
  26. bevaux

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    "Chris Whaley had a whole year to get his weight down! What makes yall think that he's going to do it in 5 months?"

    Because he is on the lip of the rubicon. Lose the weight-play. Don't-gather splinters. His choice. We will see how badly he wants it. If he doesn't, then we move on.
  27. glenn

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    that's very distressing. i didn't realize he is that big. chris looked good yesterday when the conditions were favorable, but when they weren't ideal he didn't bring much.

    to borrow from ghost-of-big-roy in his excellent write up this morning, between chris initially showing up overweight and out of condition and now almost a year later coming in at this weight, you have to question his resolve.

    for a freshman to be this big, if he doesn't find some purpose, he's headed for 285 soon and maybe 310 with the turn radius of a blimp before he gets out of here. that's certainly not a running back except as a curiosity.

    hmmm . . . we may be looking at the next lamarr houston, not the next henry melton. after all, lamarr played rb and lb in high school. that wouldn't be bad news if he can learn to play like lamarr played, but we would still need a big, strong rb.

    the referendum on chris staying at running back has only one voter. chris himself.
  28. horn123

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    Chris Whaley had a whole year to get his weight down! What makes yall think that he's going to do it in 5 months?
    He need to run this summer, in a cool place, like the basketball court.
  29. baoklhorn

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    THUNDER= Chris Whaley and Cody Johnson

    LIGHTNING= Fozzy Whittaker, Jeremy Hills, AND DJ MONROE



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