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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by TahoeHorn, May 4, 2008.

  1. TahoeHorn

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    What do you think of the Florida proposal for a Christian license plate?
  2. groverat

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    It shouldn't be done. You can plaster Jesus stickers all over your car, but the government shouldn't be a part of that.
  3. blackbelthorn

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    If this is a choice, and one that someone pays for, why is it an issue? You can make the same for other religions.

    If you want your car keyed or dented by another religious fanatic, go ahead and put on a Christian License plate and be known!

    I did make an error in using a couple of religions as examples but they were merely the ones that have been in the news an on my mind. I do not believe that the two mentioned prior would do such poor acts. i was irresponsible and apologize to those mentioned.
  4. Texas Wahoo

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    I don't have a problem with the state offering it. Many states also have "Free Tibet" license plates. It's just a way for the state to make money.
  5. Rio Frio

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    Who cares? If someone wants to pay extra for an FSU Seminoles or Florida Christian (I Believe) or Sunshine State Atheist license plate, it's no skin off my nose.
  6. EuroHorn

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  7. blackbelthorn

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  8. bozo_casanova

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    This sort of falls into the praying on street corners category for me, but I don't have a problem with them. It's just a revenue generating product targeted at a large audience.
  9. Huckleberry

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    Uh, that's kind of the problem, guys.

  10. Texas Wahoo

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  11. RollingwoodHorn

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    As long as they make license plates for all religions available to those willing to pay the fee, it's fine by me. I think it's a stupid *** idea but they're free to do stupid *** things so long as they aren't discriminatory about doing so.
  12. softlynow

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    This will not end well. I agree with Rollingwood, but we're talking about Florida here. That state fucks up the most inane things, so trusting it to handle a touchy subject, rife with the possibility of violations or permissible but idiotic choices, is simply asking too much.
  13. Fried JJ Pickles

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    Doesn't particularly bother me. But I'd bet anything the people behind this are those anti-american ******** that don't believe in the separation of church and state. They are more than likely looking for a fight instead of just simply looking to get a neat new revenue stream for the state.

    Like the above poster said, this will not end well.
  14. BrûléeOrange

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    Let 'em have their Jesus plates, but Dora's Box is gonna get Panned.
  15. Anastasis

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    Chances are if you really feel that it is necessary to roll around with a cross on your license plate, you are missing the entire point.
  16. Hornin Hong Kong

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  17. rickysrun

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  18. Kyrie Eleison

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    Hey, after all, if you can't profess your love with a license plate, that means the deb-bull done got ahold of you!

    Saw this on a bumper sticker one time...

    "Jesus is my co-pilot, and right now we're cruising for *****."

    I laughed.

  19. ScoPro

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    I wonder if they'd approve an "I Luv Fidel? plate?
  20. Anastasis

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