Chronicle: Ash, McCoy speak

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by BigEarlinBastrop, Feb 29, 2012.

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    Brief article, net: QB job is open.
    The Link
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    When I think of last year, for some reason my mind immediatly goes to Case's run to put us in position to beat aggy. Not the field goal, not the bowl game but his run. I then smile and think of Ash's TD catch in the Bowl win over the Cal whiners.
    I like both David and Case. I think both will be better and that we will need both of them before this season is over.
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    Has there ever been anyone so cocky/confident who had the fewest reasons to be so than Case McCoy? He should be glad that he even has a scholarship, thanks solely to his brother. His schtick is a joke and is getting tiresome. He would have transferred if anyone else wanted him.

    And please, do not mention his run against A&M. Sure, we're all grateful the gods intervened that night, but that play was the most bumbling accident I've ever seen.
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    Y'all know Brewer is a true freshman. Time to jump on that bandwagon [​IMG]
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    Case was flirting with disaster the whole season...and the chickens came to roost in the baylor game...Ash got his first start against a team that should have won the national championship...he had virtually no reps in fall practice...he overcame that with good game management behind a juggernaut running game only to regress after a rash of injuries forced him to do to much...Ash clearly has the greater upside both in terms of talent and physicality ...Mack needs to show the same confidence in him that harsinwhite has...
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    David Ash is our guy. There is a world of difference when he started against OU vs Cal. He wasn't making the dumb passes by the end of the year. He will be much better with a full offseason and getting snaps for spring ball. Also I believe our OL will be much improved. Case is on a as needed basis. Please don't even bring up Brewer. He should be our 4th string so hopefully he will get a redshirt year. Jalen ought to be #3 because he can run the ball which will help a true freshman much more than a True Freshman that has to depend on passes as that's Brewers strength.
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    Case McCoy - the new Blake Gideon?

    Oh no!

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    Brewer has not started so he's the best choice [​IMG]
    You know you can't wait to jump on this bandwagon along with Gray as The Wildhorn Man
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    I'm never for a True Freshman QB to start unless he is all we have. Not sure why you are trying to go there unless someone else here your talking to. Just in case you don't know this, the QB position is much more complicated than running the ball.
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    Yea I35, tell us??? [​IMG]

    Or are you the Bruce Wayne type?
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    Taps, I have no pics. But if you must know I got the same exact honor in Texas class 3A HS football as Jaxon Shipley at WR way back 83.
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    [​IMG] You're not much younger than I
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    Not really [​IMG]

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    Somehow I knew TX Taps was angling for an excuse to post another pic of himself in a gimp suit. [​IMG]
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    Are gimp suits armored?
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    Until Ash, McCoy, Brewer or someone else can show me some consistency (which means three consecutive games in my dictionary), I will be on no one's bandwagon.
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    Trashing McCoy on the forums doesn't make Ash a better QB.

    Trashing Ash on the forums doesn't make McCoy a better QB.

    They are what they are...'Horns [​IMG]

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