Chuba Hubbard is really mad at Mike Gundy

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by EDT, Jun 15, 2020.

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    For the same reason you want to pick apart my message. It was a reasonable post until the last question, which is more obtuse than anything I said. But I’m not going to get in a back and forth with you because I don’t want to read your essay-length posts. Cheers.
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  2. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    No way binder wins more than 4-6 games with a divided team and an entirely new coaching staff. Maybe mensa is unifying the team through anger & hate....anger & hate can be powerful if used correctly. I'm not seeing that kind of unity though.
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  3. Horns11

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    I'll take the over.
  4. WorsterMan

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    At this point, really hard to "handicap" this upcoming season (as in golf handicap). If you prefer, "predict" what we might see from this team and mensa.

    So many issues and variables in play right now... unfortunately, I'm more pessimistic than optimistic - perhaps mensa will surprise us all.....
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  5. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    If this stuff settles down and they play like the team they are capable of they'll win 10+ this year. If 20-30 players are dividing the team, refusing to play, negative talking to other teammates causing a great divide I'll go with 5 wins.

    Maybe the rest of the team should help settle this instead of just going along nicely with the protesters.
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  6. SabreHorn

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    You may not be old enough to remember the collapse after Tony Edwards got beat up by that midget Mexican cop, when all Tony was doing was sitting on the hood of his friend's car waiting for his buddies to show up.

    I can truthfully say I have NEVER been so nauseated by the behavior of our fans as I was that Saturday at Floyd Casey. Total collapse of team and a field day for the shitheads amongst our fans.
  7. WorsterMan

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    Unfortunately, I'm old enough to remember that game - OMG it was awful. Had forgotten the story about Edwards and the cop tho.
  8. Htown77

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    1984 really has to be the worst team collapse in Texas football history.

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