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    advice on area of town to stay, places to eat, etc---of course will travel to Canton for Pro Football HoF, possibly go to Browns and/or Tribe game---thanks for any help
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    Ok since no one gave any info on Cleveland, the wife and I did all research ourselves. First day, went to Lakeview Cemetery and checked out those buried there including Pres Garfield, Eliot Ness, Alan Freed, and a baseball player who was hit in the head by a ball in 1920 and subsequently died, Raymond Chapman--SS for the Tribe. Walked from there to nearby Little Italy and had some fantastic Italian food at Mia Bella. We used the RTA (light rail and/or buses) the majority of the time we were there, except when we did the one hour drive to Canton. Day two went to West Side Market where there are dozens of vendors selling everything edible, from meats such as lamb, pork, beef or fish, to pastries, deserts and veggies. Some of them have some of their wares cooked, so you can eat while you shop. Also lots of microbreweries and bars in the area. Did this to appease the MRS for the remainder of the trip. That evening went to a Tribe game. Saturday spent 6 hours at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (first ones in the door) and it was allsome. John Oates was hosting a concert outside that afternoon, but we decided to leave since he was playing songs from his new album---a BLUEGRASS set! (uh, no thanks) went back to the Market and found some grub to eat, plus a microbrew or two. Sunday rented a car and drove to Canton, an hour away, for the Pro Football HOF. Always wanted to go, and even though am not a big Pro Football fan as I was when I was younger (kneel all you want, guys---lost my interest). Spent 7 hours there, but best part was the private tour which took about an hour and a half. Spent the extra money doing this, well worth it to have someone give you the insight on something you may have missed. Flew back to Dallas Monday am. Did watch the Horns game Saturday night from the bar and hotel, remember they are an hour early in Cleveland. I know, I know, "Cleveland." But had to do it with both of the HOF's there. Recommend it to those who have not been there, weather was great too, low 80's the whole time---Hook 'em, Horn87

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