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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by txlandagent, Mar 18, 2018.

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    Thad Matta interviews with UGA - supposedly they offered him big figures but he declined interest - probably to leverage their number for a better offer elsewhere. Tom Crean promptly accepts and is now their HC. That’s a pretty good get for them.

    Rick Pitino and Sean Miller have committed career suicide so not likely either of them will be employed by a major conference school this century. Tubby Smith out at Memphis - could see him end up at a low tier or mid major conference job like Utah State or Colorado State. Texas Techs Chris Beard likely to get on someone’s radar at a better program if something opens up...maybe not. Everyone else in Big 12 and SEC seem pretty safe.

    Undoubtedly the big jobs (and there aren’t many) are on hold (Pitt, UConn, Louisville - maybe Arizona?) until the tournament concludes and we see who’s stock is up or down. Frank Martins name floating for UConn but I think Rhode Island’s Dan Hurley ends up there. My guess is Matta goes to Pitt. Reasonable names Louisville should consider include Xavier coach Chris Mack, Wichita State's Gregg Marshall, Providence's Ed Cooley, Cincinnati's Mick Cronin, maybe Virginia Tech's Buzz Williams. Of those candidates Greg Marshall seems the likely move there. If Arizona opens up (and it’s likely it will after Miller gets canned) I could see Nevada’s Musselman fitting in there rather well.

    Oh the madness is just beginning. I love March.
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    Jeff Capel hired as Pitt HC. Good hire or them.

    I guess Thad Matta is just fulfilling his contract buyout obligation to give dummy HC job interviews with [troll] different schools every year.
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    Former Xavier HC Chris Mack takes the Louisville job.
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    Not exactly the AC I was hoping we’d lose...Plug Morrell into UNC Asheville. Looks like most of the open HC jobs have closed.

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