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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Chop, Dec 1, 2019.

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    he's not a bad kid, by all accounts. but this is why you pick a school and stick to it.
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    He most definitely is not. Truth be told, after he found out that Mehringer did not know how to coach, I think he lost faith in Texas.

    As it turned out with his health problems this last year, we dodged a bullet and saved a scholarship.
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    Do we know that's why he left? Because Mehrigner couldn't coach?
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    Bru is becoming the “Transfer Kid”. Couple of more and he will have used up his 4-5 years and never played a down. I’ll be surprised if he was plays much anywhere, especially Pepperdine, since they don't have a FB team and haven't in decades.
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    One has to wonder as once McCoy said he was tight for life with Drew.

    Something broke down somewhere.
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    Okam seems to be heading to the panthers with rhule
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    Year 1 :e-face-tears:

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    :e-face-tears: Guess they expect to just outscore everybody.
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    I gotta think that his illness played a strong role. Moved half a country away, trying to adjust to being away from home and then had a mysterious illness that had him very sick. Getting back close to mom and dad was probably very appealing.
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    U mean they are trying to get him to break contract with Red Raiders?
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  12. BurntOrangeLH

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    USC closes in on Todd Orlando as next defensive coordinator

    Trojan fans predictably don't like it:

    USC working on deal with Todd Orlando

    AceRockow posted:
    • One site reported that Orlando was let go by Hermann, because 1) no player development 2) not a great recruiter.
    • If true, he will fit in nicely.

    GusFring505 posted:

    2017 Texas defense was ranked 30th
    2018 Texas was ranked 58th
    2019 Texas was ranked 65th.

    Orlando is definitely a helton type of coach.

    The dog ish will continue...

    Orlando is so mediocre he went to Texas tech not as the dc but as the linebackers coach.

    All Texas schools have that oil money so I wouldn't be surprised if some doner pays up to keep Orlando right where he's at just to spite USC, helton and his loser self.

    CalSCBrown76 posted:

    Todd Orlando is no longer on Texas Tech coaching staff! Which means clueless Clay has added another dump truck to USC coaching staff.
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  14. BurntOrangeLH

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    USC wants Carroll or Orgeron back.

    I think John McKay is still available.
  15. SabreHorn

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    505 is so clueless that he doesn’t realize the West Texas oilmen paid enough money to get USC to take Orlando off their hands

    Outplacement is a wonderful thing. Can you say “Bobby Witt” boys and girls?
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  16. Chop

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    --Saban is rumored to be raiding Ole Miss for defensive coaching talent, talking with Rebels' DL coach Freddie Roach.

    Georgia -- Buster Faulkner (So. Miss. OC) to join the Dawgs' staff. With a name like Buster Faulkner, you've got to be from the South.

    Hawaii -- Da' Bows are looking at plenty of candidates to replace Rolovich as head coach, including: Robert Anae (Va. OC), internal promotions of Brian Smith (Hawaii OC) or Craig Stutzman (Hawaii QBs), Brian Norwood (Navy co-DC), Mike Cavanaugh (Syracuse OL), St. Louis HS (in Honolulu) HC Cal Lee, Rich Miano (former Hawaii coaching staff), Jeff Ulbrich (Atlanta Falcons LBs), and Jim Mora,

    LSU -- Bo Pelini (Youngstown State HC) is getting a look at the DC position. Other names being thrown around the net as possibilities include: Kris Richard (Dallas Cowboys DBs), Bob Shoop (Michigan), Andy Avalos (Oregon DC), Zach Arnett (Syracuse DC), Blake Baker (Miami DC), Ryan Walters (Missouri DC), Adam Fuller (Memphis-now FSU DC), and Charlie Strong.

    aOSU -- Kerry Coombs (Tenn. Titans DBs coach) is the Bucks' new DC.
    Kerry Coombs reunites with six former recruits after being hired as Ohio State football’s next defensive coordinator

    aTm -- TJ Rushing (Florida St. DBs) will coach the ags CBs--they need all the help they can get in the secondary.
    Report: TJ Rushing leaving FSU for same position at Texas A&M

    USC -- as much reported, it looks like Todd Orlando will be the Trojans' new DC.
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  17. BurntOrangeLH

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    Hey, I treasure those Bobby Witt/Greg Swindell games. They were epic.

    I remember when Oklahoma walked onto Disch Falk I thought they had screwed up and brought the football team by mistake.
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    Or Buster Brown from St. Louis is his uncle .
  19. Chop

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  20. BurntOrangeLH

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    My sense from reading USC blogs and fora is that their new president and administration has a somewhat hostile relationship with the Trojans' football program, and to male athletics in general. Helton answers to Bohn. Bohn answers to new president Carol Folt.

    Folt was previously at UNC, and before that, Dartmouth. "Folt had established a reputation for siding with left-wing radicals while she was at Dartmouth ." At UNC she helped create a "safe space" where only members of a particular race could congregate. UNC ultimately sent her packing after her role in removing a Confederate soldier statue, and USC picked her up. Instead of consistently playing the best college football on the West Coast, I think the new USC admin is now on a mission to out-Berkeley UC-Berkeley.

    As the year ends, Folt looks to the future
    UNC's New Chancellor Shouldn't Be Another Activist | National Review

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    Laugh all you want, if Fenves is made Chancellor, she is the model candidate for his ideal president, the UNC scandals not withstanding.
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    She'll get her *** fired if she screws football over at a program like USC.
  24. SabreHorn

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    She has already screwed with the football program by telling Bohn who he could not hire I may not agree with her thoughts on certain people, but as all educrats, she thinks she’s the sharpest knife in the drawer - closet to home see also Billie Powers and Willie Cunningham
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  25. MajesticII

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    But when the **** hits the fan and the powers that be decide to right the football ship, she will get canned if she is behind the downfall of the program, or if USC is turned down by THE MAN because of her, or THE MAN says," I only take the job if you get rid of her.."... Who is THE MAN ? I don't know...maybe Urban, Dabo, etc ?????
  26. BurntOrangeLH

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  27. SabreHorn

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    She is not behind the downfall, because it started long before she arrived - see also Pat Hayden, Mike Garrett, both Trojan heros but incapable of managing a major athletic program.

    The $$$ people wanted Urban Myth and he wants the job. She told everyone “absolutely not”. She carries too much baggage from UNC to have a major scandal on her watch, and Myth will bring a big one.
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  29. Chop

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    I’d say the USC football program has already been screwed based on their performance in recent years. Lynn Swan, Helton, Bohn, and plenty of other people had a hand in their downfall.

    Some good coaching could turn them around real quick though. Their roster is absolutely stacked with all star recruits—probably more so than ours or just about anyone not named Alabama. Not so for USC recruiting in the class of 2020 though...:smile1:
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    Actually, while they have signed the occasional 4 and 5 Star, their roster is a lot of 3 Star rejects recently who were not good enough to get out of SC.

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