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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Chop, Dec 1, 2019.

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    Wow—I hoped Charlie would land on his feet, but I didn’t expect Alabama! Of course, he doesn’t have the job yet, and it might just be a “special assistant” position or something like that. Still, Charlie has some defensive coaching skills. Maybe an LB, DE, or DT position coach would be a good place for him.
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    Alabama -- hires Charlie Strong as "defensive analyst." That was his better side of the ball. Sounds like it's a done-deal.
    Rumor Mill Archives - CollegeFootballTalk | NBC Sports
    Sources: Strong joins Saban's staff at Alabama

    Colorado -- rumors are that CU is talking with the following persons for the HC job: Eric Bieniemy, Bret Bielema (you can bet he's asking for it), Steve Sarkisian, Jim McElwain, and Justin Wilcox. Darrin Chiaverini is the interim HC and (while not a "big name") is not chopped liver.

    Kansas -- Jonathan Wallace (Air Force TEs) will coach KU's RBs.

    Michigan State -- Chris Kapolovic (former Colorado OLs, previously with So. Miss and UNC) will coach the Spartans' OL. Jay Johnson (Colorado OC) will be MSU's OC.
    Source: Chris Kapilovic to join Mel Tucker in East Lansing - FootballScoop

    SMU -- Tyler Olker (KU recruiting director) joins Dykes at SMU as the director of recruiting operations.
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    How bad is the Colorado job? Todd Graham has not applied for it the last three times it was open. I hope Bieniemy and Sarkisian have enough sense to not destroy their careers by going there. The other candidates are desperate.

    1) No recruiting (can't use hookers any more)

    2) Horrible administration (worse than ours)

    3) The destruction and rubble left behind by Hoffman will last at least two more decades

    4) School & state are broke, but that doesn't stop them from signing contracts they have no way to pay.
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    Sarkisian had a one on one Saban, and has rejected Colorado's offer and is staying in Tuscaloosa. Think somebody got to Nick with the truth to the statement that "UNM only exists so that CU isn't the worst run university in America"?

    Turn down double the salary and a chance to be the boss to have far less authority and money. Boulder remains in the ashes of Hoffman's **** show over a decade after she was sent packing.
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    Sarkasian must truly have achieved sobriety.
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    LSU RB coach Tommie Robinson hired by A&M. Kevin Faulk is the new LSU RB coach.
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    Reminds me of my youth...
    Riding around in the back of my parents station wagon while the soundtracks of my childhood rolled.
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    Too much dope smoke??
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    Baylor -- Aman Anand (Penn St. ST analyst) will now be the ST analyst at Baylor. Rumors are that Anand was looking for another sleazy place to work, but wanted warmer weather.

    Colorado -- hires Karl Dorrell (Miami Dolphins WRs, former UCLA HC) to be the Buffs' new HC. Dorrell said this was his "dream job." Sure Karl...
    'This is my dream job': Karl Dorrell introduced as 27th football coach at University of Colorado

    Colorado State -- hires a woman, Jessica Stinger, as director of recruiting.

    Mich. State -- Ross Els (Colo. ST) will coach ST for the Spartans.

    So. Carolina -- Rod Wilson will coach the Gamecocks' LBs.
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    Yet another dynamic hire by Colorado. The legacy of Hoffman continues to insure CU will never be relevant again.

    Dorrell just needs to pray his check doesn't bounce.
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    I wonder if she needs a husband.
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    Something about bicycles and fishes.
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    Former UT OL grad assistant Garrett Graf has joined the Midwestern State (Div II -TX) staff as the OL coach. Graf came highly recommended by Herb Hand.
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    Orlando and Harrell will save Helton's job. Not that the USC BMD will like Helton any better but they will not want to lose Harrell and Orlando after this year.

    Got to love a 2:20 presser with a Kirkland water bottle.
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    Is Shawn Watson just trying to prove something to himself? The game passed him by around the time we beat Nebraska's *** every year. Did the offense at UGA the past two years really "thrive" because of his input?
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    Which means it will be two decades before northern Iowa catches up with him
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    Noted on a USC fan site that Craig Naivar is rated the #2 recruiter in the PAC12.

    Harrell is #4 and another USC assistant in the top 4.
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