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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Chop, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Seattle Husker

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    As a Husky alum this is a meh hire in the context of Lincoln Riley going to USC. De Boer has had a good run but can he recruit at the level UW needs?
  2. Chop

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    UW has been in a rut for a while. While Fresno isn't the PAC, DeBoer has won big wherever he has been. UW has the hardware/championships of a big boy program, but they don't seem to have the appeal (and maybe the $$$) for the big-name coaches.

    I'm not sure who would have been better. I doubt Fickell would've said yes (if UW were to ask). Helton - a downgrade. Kingsbury - ??? Mel Tucker - not a chance. Freeze - UW doesn't strike me as lacking in ethics; pretty classy program as far as I know. Patterson - that might be interesting, but they don't want him. Campbell - maybe, but that's far from his backyard.
  3. Seattle Husker

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    I'm comparing this to our last hire from outside the program, Petersen. CP was wanted by everyone and somewhat validated that UW had some pedigree to pull in a big name coach. Other outside hires didn't work out but in each case had some pedigree, Neuheisel and Willingham. De Boer is a gamble much moreso than the previous HCs. UW doesn't have the fanatic big $$$ alumni that other top national programs have but it's still a fairly well off athletic department. They have a probably the deepest and longest pacific islander pipeline traditions dating back to their '91 NC. Additionally, the State of Washington always produces 1-2 top flight traditional QBs each year, including TrueFr Sam Huard on the roster now.
  4. MajorRules00

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    Kiffin at LSU would be off the chain. The assortment of coaches in the SEC (counting Sark at Texas) is truly amazing.
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  5. Chop

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    More recent craziness being reported and rumored, on various sites:

    LSU - looking to poach Brian Kelly from Notre Dame

    Notre Dame - Fickell would be an upgrade, but Campbell is a solid possibility. IF Kelly jumps ship.

    Historically Notre Dame was at the peak of the pyramid. The idea of LSU stealing a coach from Notre Dame was preposterous. Strange times...

    But even if LSU could poach Kelly--why? LSU could do better (I think...).
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  6. Chop

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  7. Chop

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    Is there something wrong with Luke Fickell?

    I'd put him near the top, yet the big boys don't seem interested.

    Maybe ND will get him?

    LHABSOB 1,000+ Posts

    I have to think he isn't talking to anyone with his team still in the thick of the NC hunt. A win over Houston Saturday and Cincy is likely in the final 4. Can Notre Dame wait another 6 weeks to see if he is interested?
  9. ViperHorn

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    An interesting take LHABSOB. A good explanation as any. ND would probably be the only one who can afford to wait, and but the pool is drying up quickly as anything after the early signing date is a wasted recruiting year (what skilled player is going to sign without knowing who the coaches and system will be).
  10. RainH2burntO

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    Kind of surprised at the timing for Kelly, too, with ND having a reasonable chance at sneaking in the playoff
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  11. Chop

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    I think LSU would have done better with Napier, but they waited too long and Florida grabbed him up.
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  12. Crockett

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    No -- they really can't. We've moved on to a world where gentleman's agreements have to be in writing with enforcement provisions.
  13. Chop

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  14. Chop

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    Some speculation from South Bend about new coach possibilities.

    Dave Clawson (Wake) - I like this idea, if they can't get Fickell
    In house promotion of Tommy Rees (OC) or Marcus Freeman (DC)
    JOHN Harbaugh (NFL)
    Matt Rhule (NFL)
    James Franklin

    Notre Dame candidates

    Q: does ND put any premium on the head football coach being Catholic?
  15. RainH2burntO

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    Kelly strikes me as an odd fit for least on the surface.
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  16. Sangre Naranjada

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    Very much an odd fit. Almost as odd as Gary Patterson in a speedo.
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  17. Chop

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    Where could Patterson land? (if he even wants back into the coaching biz, which he might not)

    Cincy if Fickell bolts?
    OSU if Gundy bolts?
    OU will go for a bigger name with more trophies on his shelf.
    Wake F if Clawson bolts? (private school, traditionally not good at football until recently)
    He ain't gonna get an offer from ND, that's for sure...
    Some lowly Div 1 school

    He might just be watching college football from a float on his pool from now on?
    Maybe he'll move to Austin or Nashville and work on his music hobby/career?

  18. Chop

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  19. Chop

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  20. Chop

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  21. Chop

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    Someone who will start getting some real interest from more prominent programs, if not this year's cycle, then next year:

    Pat Narduzzi (HC Pitt)

    His star is rising. And he has B1G written all over him. He hasn't won big enough yet to get the Notre Dame offer, but they could certainly do a lot worse.

  22. SabreHorn

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    Clawson is not a choice for ND because he has to be Baptist to work at Wake; he has to be Catholic to work at ND.
  23. Seattle Husker

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    Me too until I hear Booger McFarlane point out that the last 3 LSU HCs have won MNC's there. LSU may be a step down in "prestige" but it may actually be easier to win an MNC if you can get past Alabama.
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  24. Seattle Husker

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    This would be a big get for Scott Frost. Joseph has clearly coached some tremendous WRs and has owned Louisiana from a recruiting perspective. He's a native of New Orleans but also had a good run as QB for Nebraska.
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  25. SabreHorn

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    Sorry, but Joseph convincing a kid from Nineth Ward to go play in the frigid Big Ten seems like a stretch unless he has no other choice. Joseph joining a sinking ship may be a bigger stretch.
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  26. Chop

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    Joseph jumping out with Kelly bringing in his guys may have something to do with it.
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  27. SabreHorn

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    I would think that there are several staffs that would like to add him, including Billy Napier.
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  28. Chop

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    Florida would be such a better place for him to land than Nebraska.

    But, he's a former Husker QB.
  29. nashhorn

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    I remember thinking Kelly wasn’t a good fit for ND.
  30. dukesteer

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    If ND is looking for a class act and a keeper it would be tough to do better than Campbell.
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