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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Chop, Dec 1, 2019.

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    I always like to see anybody beat ou.
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    The particular Stoops in question is at Kentucky, and he has turned their football team into one the SEC big boys can't completely overlook.
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    I would say Kendall's brother-in-law has a better chance than Kendall.

    Everyone knows that Art Briles and Todd Graham had their resumes emailed to Lincoln at halftime Saturday.

    I am more than a little surprised that no one has mentioned Graham Harrell yet.
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    I'd like both the creamed corn and the corn on the cob.
    And a side of corn nuts, corn bread with extra butter, and some cornmeal battered catfish.
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    But what's he ordering for his main course?
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  8. Sangre Naranjada

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    Aranda? I don't know of any connection to the Nebraska program, but I'd enjoy laughing at Baylor's misery if he took the job.
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    So why not Art? Perfect fit. Then Kendall can be OC and roid distributor.
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    A large tub of movie theatre style buttered popcorn with refills.

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  12. mb227

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    Interesting Vegas note on the Frost defrost...line against OU WAS +15 and without knowing who was stepping in, it dropped to as low as +10 but has bounced back to +11. When you get that much of a move just on a firing, it says something...
  13. Chop

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    No shortage of potential candidates for ASU head coaching job — including a former Utah head coach

    Top potential replacements for Herm Edwards at Arizona State

    Arizona State coaching candidates: Matt Rhule, Byron Leftwich, Dan Mullen lead options to replace Herm Edwards

    Arizona State is reportedly looking at many possible new coaches, including:

    - Alex Grinch (USC DC)
    - Kenny Dillingham (Oregon OC)
    - Bill O'Brien (Alabama OC)
    - Gary Patterson (Texas special consultant)
    - Jeff Traylor (UTSA)
    - Urban Meyer
    - Kalani Sitake (BYU)
    - Shaun Aguano (ASU interim coach)
    - Deion Sanders (Jackson St)
    - Blake Anderson (Utah St)
    - Jeff Grimes (Baylor OC)
    - Tom Herman (not joking)
    - Matt Rhule (NFL Carolina)

    - Byron Leftwich (NFL Tampa Bay OC)
    - Dan Mullen (former Florida coach)
    - Todd Monken (Georgia OC)
    - Hugh Freeze (Liberty)--the jokes write themselves if Freeze goes to the Sun Devils--hell froze over..., etc.
    - Bryan Harsin (Auburn)
    - Mike Norvell (FSU)
    - Justin Wilcox (Cal)
    - Rick Neuheisel (no kidding--he lives in Phoenix and has lots of Western football coaching experience)
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  14. Chop

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  15. Chop

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    My sense is that the Arizona State job isn't as good as a lot of these places. Moreover, the Arizona State job may be further downgraded if/when USC and UCLA bolt the PAC conference. ASU might end up in the Big 12 or in a weaker PAC. That being said, they routinely pack a really big stadium full, and have an enormous student body and number of alumni.
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  16. Horn2RunAgain

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    I think Matt ruhle is nebraska's only hope. He can build a winner at this level with very little in the way of talent.

    I doubt Mark Stoops would leave Kentucky for NU. Nebraska isn't the job it used to be. Can't recruit there
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  17. Chop

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    Whoever wins the job will be a pussycat compared to Frank Kush.
    If they hire Tom Herman, Kush may rise from the grave just to go kick his ***.

    I remember watching an interview by Reggie Jackson where he was talking about Coach Frank Kush. Most people don't know, but Reggie Jackson played both baseball and football at Arizona State. As I recall, Reggie said Kush's workouts were rather intense.

    "During his time at Arizona State, Kush was known for being one of the most physically demanding coaches in the game. He was notorious for abusing his players both physically and emotionally. His daily football practices in the heat of the Arizona desert are still the stuff of legend today. One of his drills was known as "Bull in the Ring", whereupon he would have the players form a circle. He would put a player in the middle (most often, a player he felt needed "motivation"), call out a uniform number, and blow his whistle. That player would charge the player in the middle and the two would engage in contact until Kush blew the whistle again. Whichever of the two players gave the best effort would go back to the circle, while the player "dogging it" would stay in until Kush decided he could quit. Former NFL and Arizona State player Curley Culp once broke a teammate's facemask during this drill.

    Another of his drills consisted of having only a center, quarterback, and two running backs line up on offense, with no other offensive lineman, and run running plays against the entire defense. Kush would run a running back into the line time and time again so he could get used to the punishment he would likely take in games."

    Frank Kush - Wikipedia
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  18. SabreHorn

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    Urban Meyer would be a great choice for ASU, a program under intense scrutiny for violations. Is there any coach out there better at covering up violations than Urban Myth?

    Arizona State:

    1) Probation bound
    2) In a dead conference likely to see TV money significantly reduced
    3) Former coaches reads like a Who's Who of "Oh but no's"

    Seems like a job with Art Briles name written all over it, or at least someone who is desperate to get back in coaching.

    Serious question: You are AD. Do you go after a slimy once was or gamble on an up & coming assistant?
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  19. Chop

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    Oh, if they can actually get Urban Meyer to coach at Ariz St, they should jump at that opportunity. Open up the big pocketbooks for Urban.

    I don't like the idea of Art Briles coaching college or high school (the pros are a different story), but if there was ever a place that he might work out at, Ariz St could be it.
  20. Chop

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    And maybe I'm underestimating Ariz St.

    They have a huge stadium that they fill.
    They have an enormous student body.
    They have a middish-large media market.
    Whether they stay West (PAC), or go Middle-South-sortofWest (Big 12), they could be one of the top regional powers and well-set for playoff runs after beating up mostly average competition; that is if they get Urban Meyer.
    Without USC in the picture, they could be the dominant power in the Southern half of the PAC--with Urban Meyer
  21. Chop

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    ................................................Ha! Do I see Big Ed?
  22. Chop

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    More ASU potential names being thrown around:

    Charles Huff (Marshall)

    Clay Helton (Georgia Southern)

    Scott Frost :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

    Lance Leipold (Kansas)

    Big Ed (former LSU) :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

    Jonathan Smith (Oregon State)
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  23. Chop

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    Still more coaches names being thrown out for Arizona State's search:

    - Derek Mason (Okla St DC)

    - Matt Entz (ND State; 40-5, 2 National Championships)

    - Sean Lewis (Kent State)

    None of these guys move the meter for me.

    If I were them, I'd go all out for Urban Meyer, then Rhule and Leipold. I could say the same about Nebraska's coaching search, though Campbell could do well there too. Freeze would also work for ASU. Ethics have never been a major concern for the devils.

    Arizona State coaching search: CFB insider’s candidates include multiple coaches from SEC
  24. SabreHorn

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    I think the job is tailor made for Bryan Harsin. Very familiar with recruiting West of the Rockies. He gets a large payout in December, so may work "cheap".

    It would have been interesting to see what he could have done with our offense if left alone.
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  25. mb227

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    I would think Leipold wants to finish what he started at KU. Given how long he stuck around at his former stop, I also think toiling in obscurity suits the style more than the pressure cooker that would be facing him at ASU...
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  26. Horn6721

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    My Jayhawk relatives hope you are right.
  27. mb227

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    You need new relatives...or they need a new school ;)
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  28. I_Dont_Exist

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    Briles got an offer to be OC at Grambling revoked. He's.never coaching major college again. Why some persist he their own little universe of nonsense.
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  29. Horn6721

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    My BIL was famous in my section of DKR for being the only opponent who knew the words to their alma mater and sang along with LHB as they played it.
    They , KU, was very appreciative that Texas properly stored Naismith photos and audio while KU fund raised and built center to house.
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