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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by Macanudo, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. Macanudo

    Macanudo 2,500+ Posts

    Can anyone recommend a decent (and cheap) one for the home?
  2. SuperHero

    SuperHero 500+ Posts

    I got a little Braun coffee grinder for about $20. I can't imagine it ever breaking.
  3. Macanudo

    Macanudo 2,500+ Posts

    How often do you use it?
  4. ths71

    ths71 100+ Posts

    We have the little Braun too. It's been used daily for the last five years or so.
  5. The Dog

    The Dog 250+ Posts

    Mr Coffee grinder is the same thing and is cheaper. Had mine for several years and no problems.
  6. jimmyjazz

    jimmyjazz 2,500+ Posts

    Get a burr grinder. Mine is a DeLonghini (sp?). They don't cost but maybe a few dollars more than a blade grinder, but you'll get a surprisingly better brew.
  7. next2naus

    next2naus 500+ Posts

    I have an Italian Express, made in Italy no less. had it for over ten years. it rules.
  8. 96 Buff

    96 Buff 100+ Posts

    I've had my Mr. Coffee grinder for almost 12 years and it has been used nearly every day since I got it. Do you drink just drip coffee or do you need the ability to grind it fine enough for espresso?
  9. HookEm

    HookEm 100+ Posts

    I have a Braun. Used it many times over about 8 years (wedding present).
  10. jimmyjazz

    jimmyjazz 2,500+ Posts

    I repeat, DO NOT USE A BLADE GRINDER. That is, unless you like substandard coffee. You can get a Black & Decker burr mill for $25 at Target, for pity's sake. The website has a Melitta model for $20.

    Blade grinders "cut" the beans, as opposed to actually grinding the beans. It does make a difference -- a big difference.
  11. hornimal

    hornimal 500+ Posts

    as some of the other coffee gurus here have said DO NOT GET A BLADE GRINDER. especially if you are using a french press. spend the extra bucks and get a burr grinder.

    hey, let me know if you want some of my contraband blend (hehehe)
  12. SuperHero

    SuperHero 500+ Posts

    My coffee is always ground fine enough to make espresso. Any less, and I wouldn't be extracting all the flavor out of it. For me, the blade grinder in the pic works great. I use my about once a week - enough to fill a tin for the entire week's brew.
  13. MilkmanDan

    MilkmanDan 1,000+ Posts

    Thanks for the burr grinder advice, I'll have to pick one up. Our blade grinder was a wedding gift, but I'm always up for better coffee.
  14. ths71

    ths71 100+ Posts

    Damn Coffee Snobs.[​IMG]
  15. The Dog

    The Dog 250+ Posts

    you could just dump a bag of beans into a food processor instead of using a wimpy grinder. never tried it, but I'm sure it would bust up those beans real good. [​IMG]
  16. Macanudo

    Macanudo 2,500+ Posts

    In reply to:

  17. hornimal

    hornimal 500+ Posts

    dude, get a french press stat! you don't do good beans justice by using anything but.
  18. Not that Bob

    Not that Bob 500+ Posts

    If you decide to go the French press route you can save all the money you would spend on equipment. Just pop the roasted beans into your mouth, chew, and swallow. You will get the same flavor and texture as French press without all the hassle. [​IMG]

    Melita cone, the only way to go.
  19. Macanudo

    Macanudo 2,500+ Posts

    So who makes a good espresso machine for making lattes?
  20. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

    Necro bump here. Ordered this duo package and got them today. Breville Dual Boiler espresso machine and Smart Grinder. Maiden espresso was very tasty.

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  21. Horn6721

    Horn6721 10,000+ Posts

    hic Nice
    I think that officially qualifies you as a Barista.
    Now your delays at airports can be productive.
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  22. ViperHorn

    ViperHorn 10,000+ Posts

    So one side of your BBQ Joint will now be a coffee house. That ought to make for a very diverse crowd!
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  23. mchammer

    mchammer 10,000+ Posts

    Actually the acid in the espresso does a good job of cleansing the grease out of your mouth.
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  24. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

  25. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 5,000+ Posts

    Very unintentional, I meant to like it so I just changed it. :smile1:
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