College Football All-Time-Wins & Natl. Championships Rankings

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by WorsterMan, Sep 30, 2022.

  1. WorsterMan

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    Thought this would be interesting to share and chew on. I periodically check this site.

    It does not state date of these wins, but I suspect they are up to date through last weekend.

    Winsipedia - College football ALL-TIME WINS rankings

    There were times many years ago Texas was #2 behind Michigan and #3 behind ND. The last 10 years we have lost a great deal of ground to every team team in front of us except ND.

    Bonus post: FBS National Championships:

    Interesting Texas was named National Champions by one or more polls in 4 seasons but Texas does not claim them.
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  2. HornHuskerDad

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    Need to get back to the 10-, 11-, and 12-win seasons for the Longhorns - move back up that winners' list.
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  3. Statalyzer

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    That's the list of self-claimed titles, though. A better list would include only AP, Coaches, and BCS/Playoffs.
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  4. Godz40acres

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  5. huisache

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    the list is dominated by large, mostly state, universities with huge alumni bases and extraordinary amounts of money to spend on athletes. Gosh, is there any connection between money and success at fielding teams? Is it possible that the whole thing is a product of cash as opposed to being God's will or something?

    Can we expect Texas State or Houston Baptist or Lamar or Rice to emerge as national champs or are we stuck with the same dozen or so schools clutching the brass ring every year for eternity?

    The rich get richer and the poor finish 4-8 most years, 8-4 when they get lucky.
  6. 22Horn

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    980, 946, 946, 931, 930....aggie at 769 !!!

    Mich on top in wins for a long time but they also had some down times.

    Why did Texas not accept the 4 championship? Still not close to Bama!!!

    Now imagine where Horns would be if it wasn't for cs and th and Horns average 7.5 for last 8 years @ 7.5 per yr....gets very close but those 2 failed to lead and develop players after reasonably good recruiting....MB would have done much better

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  7. AC

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    Mack Brown needed more time to get back, but water under the bridge now. I think Sark can get us there! Sure hope so!
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  8. dukesteer

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    And we got win # 800 on 1/4/06, over 16 seasons ago. Only 130 since. Ugh.
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  9. WorsterMan

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    Wow, only 130 wins in 16 years, THAT is disgusting!
  10. guy4321

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    It was cool looking at that list during the Colt days. At #2, we were gonna catch UM. Then the 2010s happened. It's updated through the last weekend so we are tied at #4 with OU and ND with 931. Fun to see only one of UT or OU can get to 932 this Saturday.

    Then wow on this part

    I would have never guessed WVU has more wins than aggy!
  11. NRHorn

    NRHorn 2,500+ Posts

    No joke….
    I didn’t know Aggie had any NCs???
  12. 1sahorn

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    Pooooor aggy.
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  13. Sangre Naranjada

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    They have one legitimate NC, in 1939. At least it is as legitimate as an ancient championship can be, given that sportswriters and AP pollsters couldn't possibly see anything other than regional games due to travel and communications being what they were pre-WWII.
  14. guy4321

    guy4321 500+ Posts

    They could read newspapers to learn about the other games - not the aggys but the sportswriters and AP pollsters.
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