College football's top workout warriors

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    Orakpo is a Beast.
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    Jeez and I thought no one could top Robison or Crowder.
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    That pic of him is hulkish...damn he is a beast..
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    He's no Teddy Lehman
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    We know this. F bruce feldman and F espn. [​IMG]
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    gotta love the Orakpo.
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    Orapko + boom = scary [​IMG]
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    Those are some sick numbers, can't wait to see him out there
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    With Orakpo's progress and Muschamp's defense I am excited about the possibility of getting more pressure on the QB this year.
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    Texas_Defense_v08 will include pressure on the passer.
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    He needs to prove something on the field. From the day he stepped on campus people have been pimping him to no end. He needs to step up and do something on the field this year for Texas to get some heat on the QB. I want Bradford, Daniels, Harrell and McGoo to feel pain this year after playing Texas.

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    Ok, which one is Hulk and which one is Abomination?
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    Brian wouldn't even see the field in College Station. His forearms are too small!

    >and has a vertical jump of a whopping 42 inches
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    I remember watching him in the playoffs his senior year in HS, and thought he'd be a marginal player at best. He seemed athletic with great agility, but never thought Brian could play no more than 15 snaps a game as DE at 210 lbs. It was obvious then that Kelson would be the college star on the Houston Lamar team.

    I'm glad to be eating a helping of crow. [​IMG]
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    Wasn't it an illegal chop block that slowed him last year?
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    yeah man, last year was suppose to be a huge year for Orakpo. but he was taken out early by an injury. against Arkansas State right? anyway, this year's D-line should be a good one.

    RE - Orakpo
    RT - Miller
    LT - Houston
    LE - Lewis or Jones

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    BOOM is contagious. [​IMG]
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    I agree that the Muschamp/Akina defense will be something to behold if they make use of the talent we have. I do think it will be aggressive and they will crush some people. Bring it, boys.
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    It has been forever since we've had a dominant pass rusher. It will be nice to see him in the backfield all year long.
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    Like all fine lines, this one aged particularly well on the 40 acres and in the NFL. Hookem
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    Welcome to 2019, LongestHorn! You been in the archives?
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