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    Fusion GPS went to court to prevent the American people from finding out who paid them and who they were paying. Thankfully, a federal judge shut this attack down and so now the House has the docs to follow the money. This includes members of the media who took money from FGPS.

    The House Intel Com said it “has intelligence suggesting that Fusion directed Steele to meet with at least five major media outlets to discuss his work on the Trump Dossier.” It also noted that it would be "reasonable to pursue whether “various media companies and journalists" were also involved."

    Here is the opinion if you want to read it for yourself. The judge notes "Steele was paid an undisclosed sum of money for work he performed on behalf of FBI." This is not a good reflection on Comey.

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    It would not at all be surprising if the names of the reporters who took money from Steele/GPS are on this previously posted list

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    That list almost says it all.
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    Note how CNN almost casually throws in that while the FBI was investigating the Clinton Foundation, it was told by the Obama DOJ they couldn't do any subpoenas or interviews until after the election.

    Like it happens every day. No big deal.

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    Bruce Ohr has been demoted yet again at DOJ -- today removed as the head of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force. It also sounds like DOJ has finally conceded to House Intelligence Committee demands that Ohr be made available for interview (as of now, the date is Jan 17)

    But he is not alone. The list of internal demotions includes --
    FBI agent Peter Strzok now hiding in the HR Department
    FBI/DOJ Attorney Lisa Page, at one time Andy McCabe’s legal aide as well as Strzok's workmate with benefits, now wondering the halls at Main Justice
    FBI Chief Legal Counsel Jim Baker doing office supply inventory
    FBI Asst. Director McCabe desperately trying trying to make it to March for pension purposes

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    The House Committee Chair Devin Nunes finally has his hands on both the original Obama administration FISA Application and the full Steele Dossier. This was delivered to him today by Asst. AG Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray. This includes the critical FD-302’s and FD-1023’s that relate to interviews with Christopher Steele and his Russian Dossier (see above)

    Among other things, this should show us the extent of the Obama Admin surveillance of the Trump campaign and transition teams. It should also shed light on the subsequent unmaskings of Trump personnel.

    As a reminder, what it appears was happening here was that the Obama Admin was sharing unmasked intelligence obtained from this likely illegally obtained FISA warrant with a person who was, at the time, a private citizen -- Hillary Clinton. Hillary, who it appears was wrongly convinced at that time that she would handily win the election, was then foolish enough to use this information in her campaign.

    From Oct 2016
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    We should find out some time next week (I hope) how important Bruce Ohr's former position in DOJ-NSD was to him being able to conduct FISA-702 "About Queries"
    And who he gave those results to

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    Things the FBI can't find....

    -- Peter Strzok's texts

    -- 33,000 Hillary's emails

    -- Evidence of Trump/Russia collusion

    I'm beginning to see a pattern
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    Besides this blatant corruption demonstrated by the back-and-forth Strzok & Page text show, there is the additional issue of the fact that the FBI's No.2 Counter-intelligence official was texting his f-buddy at work about work on an unsecure phone

    This anti-Trump comedy show began with the dubious Fusion GPS/Steele dossier claiming Trump would be subject to blackmail by the Kremlin and Putin. Well -- what better blackmail opportunity is there to a hostile foreign government than to have the FBI's No. 2 counter-intel agent behaving this way?

    This whole thing is nuts
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    If what Strzok and Page texted was true, then this was perjury

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    Nixon only erased 18 minutes and look what happened to him.

    This time, looks like the FBI got caught erasing 5 months of Texts/Emails needed in their scandal investigation.

    One of the biggest differences this time is that Woodward and Bernstein will be participating in the coverup.

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    @Joe Fan, they didn't care about using unsecured phones and texting this information back and forth because they "knew" Hillary would be elected and this stuff would never come out.

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    And it changed at some point
    And I think everyone with a functioning brain realizes when that was
    Which resulted in 5 months of "missing" texts
    Are these texts really "missing"?
    Or, where they purposely deleted?(if so, not legal)
    Or, were they hidden/removed from the outset? (using technology)

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    The FBI is required under law to preserve records.
    There are jobs that exist solely to ensure this is accomplished
    Anyone might have an issue with their phone at any given time, but its something the FBI would remedy within a day or two.
    No phone records for 5 months is an intentional act.
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    Here is Ben Shapiro on the latest FBI move --

    The coincidences just keep piling up.

    Back in December, we learned that the Robert Mueller special investigation into supposed Russian election collusion with the Trump campaign had relied on the tender ministrations of FBI agent Peter Strzok. Then we learned that Strzok was involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation, had been involved in launching the Trump investigation, and was staffed on it. Then he was fired after text messages emerged between himself and mistress and co-worker Lisa Page, who was also part of the Trump-Russia probe.

    Next, we learned that Strozk texted Page on August 15, 2016 regarding Trump: “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in [deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe’s] office that there's no way he gets elected -- but I'm afraid we can't take that risk. It's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you're 40…”

    That message clearly made it sound like the Trump collusion investigation could be a way of stopping Trump’s candidacy.

    Now, we’ve learned that Strzok and Page sent each other messages suggesting they knew before the FBI had even reported to then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch about Clinton that Clinton would be exonerated. On July 1, 2016, Lynch announced that she would do whatever then-FBI Director James Comey wanted her to do; that announcement followed a tarmac meeting in Arizona between Lynch and Bill Clinton. Strzok texted Page, “Timing looks like hell.”

    Page responded, “It’s a real profile in couragw [sic], since she knows no charges will be brought.”

    That sounds an awful lot like the DOJ and the FBI working hand-in-glove to protect Clinton.

    And the coincidences don’t stop there. In the most insane coincidence of all, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) announced on Monday that the FBI had somehow failed to deliver months of texts between Strzok and Page — texts beginning December 14, 2016 and ending May 17, 2017, the exact date Mueller was appointed to head the investigation. The DOJ says the texts were lost due to a “technical glitch.” How odd.

    This led Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to call again for a second special counsel to investigate the first special counsel investigation.

    (tweet omitted)
    The coincidences here are too significant to be ignored. Jordan’s call for a second special counsel is looking better and better.

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