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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Musburger1, Jun 9, 2017.

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    The Hill reported 4 of 7 memos were determined to have confidential information. Only 1 was given to the lawyer friend that passed on the information to NY Times. Only Fox News is claiming that of the for the 4 memos that have confidential information it was one of them given by Comey to the friend. Fox is citing the Hill yet "leaking confidential information" is not a claim they are making. Here is the article from The Hill.

    If it's determined that Comey mishandled classified information, he deserves to be prosecuted.
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    Of course it did newly minted Fox News contributor.
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    DJT needs to not react so quick. "Fox & Friends" retracted their initial tweet that Trump referenced claiming Comey leaked classified info. The missing "Fake News" accusations from the right is noticeable.
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    Notice how certain parts of Russiagate fade as more Dems get caught in the net?

    "The number of people thought to be involved in the alleged “unmasking” of American citizens under the Obama administration could be expanding, according to a source close to the House Intelligence Committee’s review.

    The source with knowledge of the review told Fox News the records suggest the unmasking “goes beyond” key officials like former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, former CIA Director John Brennan and former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power.

    The source said more than a half-dozen former senior Obama administration officials are now of interest to House committee investigators.,,,,"
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    Life comes at you fast.
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    Pompeo brings up "an old aphorism"
    The media guy doesnt get the reference
    He's channeling SCOTUS regarding compelling media guys to testify
    It's alittle amusing

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    Can we all just agree that Trump is dangerously mentally ill and dispense with all the gab about the prejudice of the media and special prosecutors and all of that?

    Anybody who cannot see the man is demented (I say this even though I agree with him on some of his more controversial positions, such as immigration) needs help themselves.

    Most of the sane people I Know who voted for him did so explicitly to prevent the HillWitch from appointing anybody to any court but even they concede now that he is a danger to the Republic.

    We picked a bad day for the Democrats and Republicans both to go berserk.
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    Yeah yeah we get it, Trump is demented and those of us who support him are deplorable. Yawn. :rolleyes1:
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    no more deplorable than those who blindly followed HillWitch over the cliff and continue to refuse to see how inadequate she is.

    All of us have our opinions and beliefs about what is best for our country and ourselves and in the political realm we look for some vessel in which our wishes will be carried. Thus, when somebody comes along who strikes a resonant chord we start hearing symphonies. Think of how many people flocked to Obama in 2008 with his promises that we can do it, whatever that means and his offer of Hope and Change. Hope for what and Change to what were free for the millions to decide as to the specifics. They flocked to him.

    With Trump the same happened: he promised something better, much better, and sounded so confident about it. And much of it was the sound of one preaching in the wilderness. Nobody in living memory had talked about immigration the way he did. I wanted to believe that he actually believed and understood government enough to be able to act on this impulse. So did millions of others who actually believed and voted for him. It was a big shock to those who did not listen. They still don't think he won.

    I never thought Obama had a clear idea of what he wanted to do or how to do it if he did. That is why we got Pelosicare, which should be named after the pol who cobbled it together as opposed to the ineffectual cheerleader who just signed it.

    I don't think Trump has any idea of how government works other than that you can pay money and get prizes from the pols. Running the government is a little different

    He is not temperamentally up to the job and unlike Bill Clinton, who learned how it worked while doing it, he doesn't grasp how governing works and has to.

    I really wish more people would catch on to that. His limitations are there for anybody to see who is willing to put aside their wish list and illusions. Obama's followers never did and I suppose most of Trump's wont either. After all, he carries their dreams. Most of the Confederates didn't give up until a few hundred thousand were dead and the rest were out of ammunition.
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    You're welcome to have your own opinions on his success or failure, but most of his supporters don't see it that way in the least.

    His many accomplishments and actions taken towards keeping promises (in 7 months) are there to appreciate beyond the propaganda.

    Paris withdrawl
    VA reform
    Military spending vastly increased
    Effort to defund sanctuary cities
    Illegal immigration crackdown (numbers down significantly)
    Kate's Law moving through Congress (mandatory jail for repeat illegal entries)
    Biometric scanners being implemented to track visa overstays
    Travel ban headed to scotus
    Pushing to limit legal immigration by 50% and move to merit-based
    Giving Congress carte blanche to repeal Obamacare
    Jobs up and stock market has regular all time highs
    Consumer confidence soaring past recent years
    Move to energy independence with 100's of regulations removed
    Exporting energy to end Europe's dependence on Russia
    Increased defense spending by NATO partners
    Renewed strength of alliances with Israel and Sunni allies

    This is all just off the top of my head. There's plenty more. Let's not forget nearly all of those would've gone radically in the opposite direction if Hill o' beans won.

    Congressional Rep in-fighting between their 3-tiers, a unified Dem resistance, and activist courts are the reason stiff changes are being slow-walked.

    Patience, this will all sort itself in time. SCOTUS will handle the activist courts and 2018 election season will make Congressional Reps start to play ball in fear of being held accountable for their resistance. MAGA is alive and well. :usa:
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  15. 4th_floor

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    As one who did not vote for Trump, I say no. He's crude, but not at all mentally ill. Bernie Sanders sounds more cuckoo than Trump. But I don't see how it's possible that you don't see the massive prejudice of the media. Any MSM news program pushes a constantly negative narrative about Trump, no matter what actual story is playing.
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    Who says I don't see it? I haven't paid any attention to the msm for decades.

    Bernie Sanders is a looney left winger like the guys who used to hang out at the Y in Austin during the 60s. He just never grew up and never will.

    I used to think of the Republicans as the grownups in the room---they would apply the brakes when the dems started moving too fast.

    Then they elected a mattress salesman president.
  17. 4th_floor

    4th_floor From now on, I want you all to call me Loretta.

    First of all, government does not work. Everything the government tries to do ultimately fails. There are multiple reasons for this. One is that no legislation can be passed without getting agreement from multiple constituencies while tight-roping legal constraints. We need people who will basically put most of the bureaucracies out of business. I don't think Trump really wants to do this. That's one of the problems I have with him.

    I would rather have a Reagan type who consistently outsmarted the left without them even realizing it. However, Trump's temperament got him elected and will help him to win again. The GOP has not elected anyone who would fight since Reagan. Even though Trump is a crude bare-knuckles type fighter, I predict his majority will grow as long as he continues to fight.
  18. Brad Austin

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    His support will stay strong and grow due to the alternative moving so fundamentally out of line with historical American values.

    Allowing the modern left to assume full control is no longer an option after their intentions have been fully exposed.

    It's not like power switching sides in the past where each side merely shifted focus to improve areas of American life they value more.

    We may not have seen eye to eye then, but switching turns was tolerable and in many ways productive for counter balance and growth.

    But losing to the modern left now is a whole other animal. It means expanding fed gov control beyond anything we've ever seen here. Way beyond what our founders ever intended and tried their best to avoid.

    It means socialization of as much of American life as possible. Gov controlled healthcare. Elimination of borders with entitlements for anyone (citizen or not) living on our land, all paid for by American workers. Forfeiting security as dangerous elements pour in.

    None of this is speculation, Europe is a living example of all this and the hell it brings.

    The modern left doesn't seek to improve American life within the fundamental bounds of our sovereign nation like the past. Their mission is to scrap and replace the very foundations our country was built upon.
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    Read that NYT transcript. Freakin' bananas in that he said things that were way out there and more so that his brain isn't what it used to be. He was a good extemporaneous speaker in the 90's. Not so much these days. Peeing on too many Russian hookers. :)
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    Golden showers aren't my thing, so I may need to be educated on this. However, my understanding is that the Russian hookers were peeing on him. Am I wrong on that? The Switzer pic tells me you probably know this sort of thing well. lol
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    Bubba always reverts back to the "being peed on" thing. He's also a Sooner on a Longhorn board. Coincidence?
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    I believe the infamous "dossier" claims that he watched them pee on the bed (and on each other?). He was a voyeur based on the reporting.
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    Preach on brother!

    The story will not change in our lifetimes. Categorical change is the Democrat's mantra. They seek self-gratification by declaring sweeping social reforms such as "free" healthcare, and college education. SH posted that having a single payer healthcare system would be "easy", but that it would bloat the federal budget and deficit a little more. Crockett crows that we should let all illegal children into our country in order to be good citizens of the world. NJ doesn't want to infringe on the "rights" of those that follow Islam under the banner that Islam is a religion we should respect without regard to its beliefs and teachings.

    Seemingly, all Democrats blame violence on poverty, and unequal pay and a host of other social situations on improper discrimination. They believe that their compassion is the overriding justification for sweeping social policy. They propose their compassionate solutions as if they have the grand knowledge needed to solve these "social problems". They repeatedly ignore the impact of preempting the decisions millions of others, or the obvious constraints, and problems their grand schemes will create or exacerbate, such as huge federal deficits made worse with single payer healthcare, terrorist attacks, generations of welfare recipients. They also ignore obvious contemporaneous and historical proof that their ideas have been shown to be failures.

    In a free society, "there is no single just cause, only just methods"-Jean-Francois Revel

    The big question involves a review of the manner in which decisions should be made. Do a few elected representatives have the knowledge needed to make sweeping decisions that are superior to the millions of decisions that are made by the "marketplace"? Of course not, but politicians climb on that soap box every election and act as if they do have that knowledge. Liberals magically possess the knowledge, as is most recently evidenced by the failure of Obamacare, to make healthcare affordable to all. Millions of people should not be allowed to make their own decisions because, BY GOD, liberals know best because they are compassionate! Screw individual freedom and to hell with those that liberal causes negatively effect.
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    Thank you for the clarification. I really don't see the fun in that, but to each his own. I'm just glad I'm not the housekeeper in that hotel.
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    ruh roh


    Simpson is the Fusion GPS guy, who is refusing to testify before Congress

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    I might be interested in discussing this with you if you had not started out calling all of us who support DT mentally-challenged and also those of us who think the MSM is biased and pushing fake news "stupid". As it is, take your opinions and go piss up a rope.
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    That whole thing about peeing on the beds has been debunked as lies almost a year ago.
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    The pee pee thing because it's funny. I doubt it's veracity but that doesn't make it any less funny. Many of the things in the dossier are coming out accurate. But, yes, I had it wrong. And, no, I don't get it either. I've read other claims of our allies having video of much more nefarious things on our President that I won't repeat and I hope they're not true. I do realize that just because you read it on the internet doesn't mean it's true.

    I gravitated to this site in about 2002. I liked the back/forth of rival communication as opposed to the circle jerk that is a fan board with no different voices and I effort to act like a guest here. I stumbled onto this corner of your board in my efforts to search for something to replace Austin 3:16 and frogstyle's posts. :) As a Democrat, I realize I'm an interloper here as well...
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    Just know your place Bubba!

    Trump is a bad dude. He is the worst of the combination of Hitler+Stalin+David Duke+Beelzebub, just ask the MSM. Keep your head down so you don't get harmed by that crazy bastard.
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    Ah, the old Austin 3:16 board. One could point to the closing of that board as the beginning of the end of the former Hornfans.
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