Comey and Mueller

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    of course he did

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    Told ya this guy was a farking liar

    COMEY: The dossier was just a "part of a broader mosaic of facts" to support the FISA warrant

    HOROWITZ: The dossier was "crucial" and "central" to the FISA warrant

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    Ive been writing about Carter Page in here for ~ 3 years now, across at least 3 different threads. He is kind of an odd duck, a bad interview, tends to ramble on and has a slightly funny voice. But dude got royally screwed. I hope he gets some justice

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    As told in here over 2 years ago
    There were posters who disagreed
    Dont know where they are now

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    The Dossier was all they had. We all saw that coming.
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    Here Husker is talking out of his *** again about the content of the Horowitz report. He again repeats the myth that the dossier had little to do with FISA just after the IG's release.

    Garmel said:
    Dude, you're one of the worst partisans on here. :p The fact that the FISA was almost completely based on the Dossier it might not have happened

    Seattle Husker said:
    You clearly haven't read the Horowitz report, struggle in reading comprehension or need to expand your media sources to claim the FISA warrants were "almost completely based on the dossier". I'll leave it up to the audience to make their own determination which reason leaves you ignorant to what Horowitz wrote in his 476 page report.

    @Seattle Husker Next time before you talk down to me have your facts straight.
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    I'm sure seattle husker will apologize to you any moment now.....

    Seriously, the tone of his post + the inaccuracy = embarrassing
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    How many times have we seen him do this? He talks down to us, is rarely correct, and in general is an ***.
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    It's a fruitless exercise to argue with dishonest people
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    No crap!
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    Joe Fan with the mic drop.
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    This Clinesmith dude is cooked. He altered evidence - a felony He is a prime candidate to flip on the other coup co-conspirators. Let's hope he is smart enough and that he manages to live a long and healthy life.

    "Mr. Clinesmith moved from the FBI’s office of general counsel to special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe. He resigned in 2018 after Mr. Horowitz discovered the document doctoring."

    He was on Team Mueller! But when he learned Horowitz was onto him, he ran away. If I were Mueller and was confronted with this, I would have stopped everything.

    FBI deliberately hid Carter Page’s patriotic role as CIA asset, IG report shows
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    Good WSJ article today - link should be the full piece if interested

    "The FBI’s Fusion Fiasco
    Christopher Steele has little credibility left after the inspector general’s report.
    By Kimberley A. Strassel"

    "The Federal Bureau of Investigation has had its worst week in modern history. The Justice Department’s inspector general found that the bureau had deceived a federal court and abused Americans’ civil liberties. It was equally humiliating for the crew that gulled the FBI into its excesses: Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele and their media acolytes.

    Fusion is the opposition-research firm the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign hired in 2016 to kneecap Donald Trump. Fusion in turn hired Mr. Steele, a British former spy, to compile the infamous “dossier” that the FBI used to obtain surveillance warrants against former Trump aide Carter Page. Mr. Simpson, a onetime Wall Street Journal reporter, tapped a network of media buddies to provide the operation cover.

    For years, Mr. Simpson spun a tale of how his firm—a team of “professionals”—had hired the “extremely well-regarded” former “lead Russianist at MI6.” Mr. Simpson told the Senate in August 2017 that he wanted Mr. Steele to look into Mr. Trump’s Russia business dealings. So it was “alarming” when Mr. Steele instead found a “political conspiracy” between the Trump campaign and Russia. Especially because Mr. Steele had “a sterling reputation as a person who doesn’t exaggerate, doesn’t make things up, doesn’t sell baloney.” The duo felt “obligated” to report this “national-security threat” to the FBI. The media would later assert that Mr. Steele had proved a valuable source to the FBI in the past; many claimed the FBI corroborated the dossier.

    Now Mr. Horowitz has exposed the many fictions. His report notes that Mr. Steele was hired from the start to find Trump-Russia collusion. Mr. Steele told the inspector general that Mr. Simpson asked him in May 2016 to determine “whether there were any ties between the Russian government and Trump and his campaign” and “whether Russia was trying to achieve a particular election outcome.” The timing is notable: Mr. Simpson was talking about collusion months before the FBI was—and even before Mr. Steele reported it to him...."

    Opinion | The FBI’s Fusion Fiasco
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    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    "Felt it was time to resign"
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    When you have to start “it was my recollection” in every sentence then you know you’re in trouble and very scared.
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    Lokhova is suing Stefan Halper, the WSJ, the NYT, the WAPO and MSNBC.

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    I suspect the Flynn side really wanted that Brady material in the case record to aid the appeal
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    I am pretty shocked noone on cable news has stuck a mic in the face of Rosemary Collyer by now
    And the reason she finally stuck her head above ground was Nunes suggesting her court should be disbanded
    Remember back in 2018, Nunes (+Goodlatte) exchanged communications with Collyer, which I posted at the time. To be clear, Nunes and Goodlatte warned Collyer of the strong possibility the FISC was being lied to. This was basically two years ago. Her response at the time? Basically she told Nunes and Goodlatte to trust the executive branch.... as does she.

    Here is what I think -- this is a protect her court move
    (1) She is too late with these details and criticism of what happened
    (2) If she really cared, she would have issued an Order to Show Cause as to why the DOJ lawyers who kept signing these knowingly defective FISA apps should not be held in contempt of court.

    But she didnt. Leaving the impression this is a PR move - an attempt to control the narrative
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    Summary -- Collyer ordered the government to provide the FISC with notice of planned steps to address IG findings by Jan 10, 2020
    A little late, but thanks anyway for the public rebuke of the FBI/DOJ

    Collyer also referenced classified submissions on the matter made to the court on Oct 25 and Nov 27 2019. I don't believe there's been public reporting on that


    This is another point the IG got wrong.

    Further, it seems both prudent and reasonable to ask, what else did Clinesmith "doctor?"
    What about the other documents he handled to obtain warrants on other members of the Trump Campaign?
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    I wonder where LongestHorn and Husker have gone to? LOL!

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