Commish Larry Scott Exiting PAC 12

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Jan 20, 2021.

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    He didn't have many friends; and then came along the PAC-12 Networks that Scott personally pushed through.
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    Another turd self-flushes. The PAC is the biggest joke in all of football. Dramatically claimed they were not going to play this year to virtue signal, then came running back when they saw everyone else playing and didn’t want to lose out of the money.

    They played before zero fans this year.

    Its conference champion didn’t even win its division, but got to play for it, as the one who did all got the Wuhan virus.

    All their bowl teams lost.

    Turd conference. Flush it down the toilet too before it starts to dissolve in the bowl and stink up the place.
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    Who has a copy of Bowelsby's resume? He was at Stanford, so hopefully he wants the job. As much as I can't stand him, I would offer to drive him to the interview even if it's in California. Problem is that my Ford truck doesn't have a trunk.
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    Lemme know if you can pull this off, Sabre- I’ll see about getting you a lockable and retractable tonneau cover.
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    I have a dog crate I'd be glad to loan out. He can ride in that.
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    Too plush
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    Nobody adds anything except USC. They would like to but the game times is still a problem. With a quality commissioner, USC could be persuaded to come, but that would require a serious sit down with the TV people for some renegotiations because of USC's added value. NO ONE in Las Colinas is capable of doing either one.
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    The HiornFans Conference Management company can cover both areas.
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    I would add private school Stanford to that for excellence in academics and other sports, and I would love to take both of the Arizona schools. Then we can have east and west conferences going coast to coast in a true Big 14 and add some huge TV markets. Also those former PAC12 schools will get bigger payouts from such an arrangement as well as the Big 12 schools.
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